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I am such a twit!! ( not reading instructions properly ?)

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Witzend Wed 11-Nov-20 11:27:36

I’m making that *Cheeky Bagpiper’s kilt, which involves embroidering vertical stripes at intervals.

I’ve done the front, but the ‘pleated’ back needs a lot more fiddling backstitch stripes. Having done half, I looked at the instructions again, and saw that I should have done only every other ‘pleat’!
It will look fine, but will have taken twice as long as it need have! Dhurrr.....

*I’m calling him Wee Willie McSomething, may McPuff (given the bagpipes, but suggestions welcome!

If he turns out more or less presentable, he’ll be going on EBay for prostate cancer research. We’ve lost 3 friends to that, and my BiL and another friend both have it, so it’s a cause dear to my heart.

MawB2 Wed 11-Nov-20 11:29:36

I’m calling him Wee Willie McSomething, may McPuff (given the bagpipes, but suggestions welcome!
Really? blushblush

Witzend Wed 11-Nov-20 11:36:42

I’d rather give him an authentic Scots McSurname, @MawB2, but someone would be bound to complain that the ‘tartan’ is a travesty.
Or is it the Wee Willie you object to?
Anyway, I’m getting on with the other half now.

phoenix Wed 11-Nov-20 11:41:35

Kilty McKiltface

MawB2 Wed 11-Nov-20 11:49:04

It’s not the surname ......hmm!

Kate1949 Wed 11-Nov-20 11:57:21

Marvellous to be auctioning him for prostate cancer research. My husband and brother-un-law both have this (thankfully in remission). Good luck.

Riverwalk Wed 11-Nov-20 12:17:56


It’s not the surname ......hmm!

Big Willie?

Blossoming Wed 11-Nov-20 12:20:05

Wee Willie McKiltie

Witzend Wed 11-Nov-20 12:27:58

Oh, I see, @MawB2 - just call me Twitty McTwitface.

I haven’t attempted his bits yet - no pattern, so I dare say there will be a lot of trial, error, and cussing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be Big Willie after all. I wouldn’t want anyone mocking him for his deficiencies in that department!

Witzend Wed 11-Nov-20 12:29:58

Oh, I like McKiltie! Whichever Willie he will be.

Alishka Wed 11-Nov-20 19:38:57

Another vote for McKiltie, please!smile

MrsThreadgoode Wed 11-Nov-20 19:44:55

Well done for doing something to help Prostate Cancer to raise funds, but maybe Wee Willie might not be such a good idea, I’m with Kilty McKilty face too.

Namsnanny Wed 11-Nov-20 19:57:48

Witzend ... have you thought of putting your suggestion for a name to your BIL, and asking him to improve it or OK it?

Or is there a website you can post suggestions and ask people to vote? Maybe they can vote with their wallets? That way you can raise a little more money.

As for mis reading instructions, welcome to my world!grin

Witzend Thu 12-Nov-20 09:39:35

On reflection, I think I’ll just call him the Cheeky Bagpiper.