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knitting with cashmere

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travelnan Mon 11-Jan-21 10:14:41

I have found a pattern for a cardigan which I think I would like to knit in cashmere, Have never knitted in cashmere before and wonder if anyone has. The pattern is in DK so would have to work out tension etc. Any tips would be helpful. Thank you.

Peasblossom Mon 11-Jan-21 10:23:16

I was lucky enough to come across 10 x 20grams balls of cashmere in a charity shop just before lockdown.

It said 3ply but knitted up as double, I think because it was a bit fluffy and sort of spaced itself differently.

It was lighter than double so a ball went a long way further. It makes the calculation of how much you’ll need a bit difficult.

It was lovely to knit with