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Slipper socks - stop them slipping

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Knittynatter Wed 13-Jan-21 13:30:55

If you knit or crochet slipper socks, what do you use in the bottom to stop them slipping on hard floors? I want to make some for my little grandchildren to use when they are here but I have laminate floors and don’t want them sliding about!
Thank you !

Peasblossom Wed 13-Jan-21 13:33:35

Aw, go on, let them slide?

Knittynatter Wed 13-Jan-21 13:34:41


Aw, go on, let them slide?

I know, I’m a spoil sport!! ?

Nonogran Wed 13-Jan-21 13:41:20

Hmmm, what about stitching the soles with a length of that stuff on a roll which prevents rugs from slipping!
I use something similar on a slippery tray. Works a treat.

lemsip Wed 13-Jan-21 13:43:04

I randomly googled your query, hope this helps.

Knittynatter Wed 13-Jan-21 14:22:08

Thank you both for the ideas!
I have ordered a sheet of suede and will see how that works out. ?

Callistemon Wed 13-Jan-21 14:53:00

My friend knits socks and slippers and told me she buys some special non-slip stuff which she puts in spots along the soles. She called it glue.

I found it:¤cy=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2018-10-05&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=Cj0KCQiA0fr_BRDaARIsAABw4EvQnFYPJj2XG06QP7UrFMn16-lwXxydPjvHMQpVZKWQzDgndo1mDzUaAvJLEALw_wcB

Other outlets are available

Callistemon Wed 13-Jan-21 14:53:28

Oh, goodness, that nearly filled a page!

Mogsmaw Mon 18-Jan-21 21:21:32

You can use silicon bathroom sealant on knitted socks to make them non slip. Honestly, that’s not a joke. There are tutorials on YouTube, I’m not smart enough to link
SILICONE SOLES, how to add non skid soles to knit and crochet slippers. This is the title of a film. I’ve done this and it really works . It’s flexible, stretchy and really nonslip but it does take ages to dry.

Alishka Sat 23-Jan-21 08:17:49

I second Callistemon's suggestion of those dot things - I've used them and, importantly, they work grin
Survived my brutally efficient washing machine too.