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Repairing an Annie Sloane chalk piece.

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Sparkling Fri 05-Feb-21 06:39:05

Having painted a dresser with chalk paint and waxing it, I don't like the look or feel of it, so I have tried unsuccessfully to sand it all off and start again with non chalk paint. It was a costly project and I would never use chalk paint again. After all the sanding it looks ravaged.Has anyone any ideas as to how I can rescue this dresser.

J52 Fri 05-Feb-21 07:37:20

Have you tried wiping it with white spirit to dissolve the wax?
If the surface is flat, I’d undercoat with water based primer, then paint over with a soft sheen (satin) wood paint.

Casdon Fri 05-Feb-21 07:48:45

I can recommend Rustoleum satin finish furniture paint, you can paint it over the current finish, and it looks really good - the only limiting factor is that it doesn’t come in a huge range of colours.

Casdon Fri 05-Feb-21 07:50:29

Sorry should have said once the wax is removed as J52 says.

Gingster Fri 05-Feb-21 08:24:14

I painted our kitchen cupboards with this chalk paint and it cost a small fortune. I hated it and only waxed one cupboard to se if it improved the look. It didn’t! We gently rubbed it down and used white spirit to get the wax off. Then painted over it with a run of the mill kitchen paint. Looks great! I would never use this chalk paint again either.

Sparkling Fri 05-Feb-21 14:38:58

Thank you. I have a friend who has renovated most of her home with chalk paint and loves it. I just thought it looked as if it needed doing properly, just not for me.

EllanVannin Fri 05-Feb-21 14:43:40

I'd buy a tin of Nitromors.

Forsythia Tue 09-Feb-21 16:13:11

I’ve also painted over Annie Sloan using Rustoleum from Homebase. Works fine.