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shysal Mon 22-Feb-21 07:35:54

When searching on Ebay for a cross stitch kit, I noticed a lot of diamond art kits too. Apparently it is currently the most popular form of craft during the lockdown. I had never heard of it but coincidentally Yiayia4 posted a pretty cat picture which she had made. I bought a cross stitch, but also ordered a diamond art set of keyrings to decorate as a taster. It will be nice to try something new although I wonder whether my cats will be a nuisance if they try to 'help'!
Has anyone else tried this and were the results effective?

Beechnut Mon 22-Feb-21 09:09:40

I think the end result (I’ve only seen it on here not real life) looks a bit like beading. So, my question is, is it easier to do?

Yiayia4 cat was lovely.

Froglady Mon 22-Feb-21 09:12:42

My best friend does this diamond art and she loves it. She is virtually house bound due to ME and fibromyalgia and this is something that she can do and it keeps her spirits up when she is suffering a lot from her conditions.

Dorsetcupcake61 Mon 22-Feb-21 09:21:30

I started it before Christmas. It's easy to do and probably the most relaxing craft I have ever done. The only niggle I have is the amount of plastic involved. Obviously the beads are plastic but everything comes in plastic,you have a plastic pen and tray. Every time you order a kit the pen,tray and wax come with it so you get quite a collection. You also have a lot of beads left over but there are lots of ideas online to use them.
That aside I totally recommend!

Smurf52 Sat 20-Mar-21 19:49:38

I too did what Shysal did. I’ve bought a sample DA kit to give it a try.