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susandevon53 Thu 11-Mar-21 12:28:15

Do you remember at primary school stitching a square of fabric with holes in,even the boys stitching.I was hooked from then embroidering anything that moved.During lockdown I have picked up the needle and threads again and have become obsessed trying all different techniques here are some examples.

B9exchange Thu 11-Mar-21 12:32:04

beautiful, love your embroidered flowers, not seem those before. I have a square of pink embroidered columbines on a cream background that I did many years ago, and have never managed to frame.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 11-Mar-21 12:35:22

Hand embroidery is my first love and like you I started as a child - but those early efforts would look very clumsy if I could see them now.
Your embroidery looks lovely susan, flowers have an everlasting beauty.
I've got a half-sewn picture on the go but have lost my sewing mojo at the moment and have taken to knitting. Will get back to sewing some day soon.

Namsnanny Thu 11-Mar-21 12:41:26

My goodness susandevon53!! They are beautiful!
How very clever of you smile
Have you used a machine for some, or is it all hand sewn?
I've seen some lovely machine examples, and often thought I'd like to try it.
Your makes are wonderful.

StatenIsland Thu 11-Mar-21 12:44:06

Yes, I remember making stitch samplers on Binca and still have them somewhere.

During lockdown, I discovered by Spirograph set and have been thinking about turning some of the patterns into embroidery. Your floral squares reminded me of that. This example is from:

It's machine embroidery but I'd rather stitch by hand.

annodomini Thu 11-Mar-21 12:49:45

My maternal granny did beautiful embroidery even though she injured her thumb joint badly and never had any treatment. I have a few of her table cloths. She valiantly tried to teach me the stitches but the only time I used the little skill I had was when, at school, we had made an apron with an inset panel which we were required to 'richly embroider' grin I managed to depict an owl sitting on the branch of a tree and gave the finished article to my aunt who was duly astonished and grateful! And that was 67 years ago.

susandevon53 Thu 11-Mar-21 12:55:12

Thank you for lovely comments yes the vase and the flowers in it are all machine embroidery.,the large flowers are weaved with wire.The squares are all different hand embroidery stitches

NellG Thu 11-Mar-21 12:59:43

Really lovely work flowers

I really want to do some whitework, but know it would be far from white when I'd finished!

JaneJudge Thu 11-Mar-21 13:02:54

Wow, it is amazing Susan!

JoshNixi345 Thu 12-May-22 20:19:40

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Esmay Thu 12-May-22 20:41:47

Hi Susan ,

How lovely your work is .
Well done .
I also love to embroider .
All my craft stuff is in storage at the moment .
I just don't get the time these days .
Maybe later as I'm inspired by you !

Jane43 Thu 12-May-22 20:52:37

That is beautiful, it must be so satisfying to look at your handiwork. I used to do it myself until my late teens. I remember buying transfers, ironing them onto the fabric and then choosing the silks and doing the work. I don’t think my ageing eyes are up to resuming the hobby now unfortunately.

vegansrock Fri 13-May-22 07:02:19

Anyone who lives in or near London , or is visiting , might like this fantastic exhibition of the Royal School of Needlework at the Fashion and Textile Museum. Some amazing examples of embroidery skills- various royal robes and catwalk dresses

Froglady Fri 13-May-22 07:07:10

We have a sampler in my family that was done by my great grandmother which has a religious text on it and all the letters of the alphabet and was done by her at school, I think back in the 1880's. It's still readable and very beautifully done.

JackyB Fri 13-May-22 08:27:23

Another old thread revived by a spammer.

I'm glad they did though because I missed these flowers when they were first posted. I know lots of embroidery stitches but like with other crafts I am really sad that when I do them they look messy.