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Scentia Tue 16-Mar-21 22:05:38

I am trying to see some Eyelet tape onto a pair of curtains. The material is fairly thin but the tape is like a plastic material. I have broken 5 needles tonight, do any of you know what needle I need in my singer machine to stop it breaking.

Callistemon Tue 16-Mar-21 22:21:58

You could try using a different foot and/or using a 'ballpoint' needle?

I did have this problem with a brand new sewing machine, needle after needle breaking and the firm took it back and, I think, adjusted the needle guide but I'd been making face masks with several layers at the sides.

Blossoming Tue 16-Mar-21 22:29:00

You might need a triangular needle to get through the tape.

EilaRose Tue 16-Mar-21 22:34:43

Sorry, I'm not familiar with Singers although do know some models have a different needle system, such as slant while others use a slightly longer needle, which is not compatible with other makes of machines.

However in my Janome and Brother machines I would use a type HLX5 needle of size and tip to suit the fabric and thread. This type of needle has a heavier shaft which resists deflection when sewing difficult fabrics and/or while sewing at high speeds.

Can you phone your local Singer dealer to confirm which needle system your machine uses? Maybe join an online group for Singers, I'm sure they would know.

Sorry, I know I'm not much help but I haven't used a Singer for about a hundred years!! ;-))

SpringyChicken Tue 16-Mar-21 22:56:58

What size needle are you using, Scentia? I use a heavy duty one for curtain tape, size 100/16

Scentia Tue 16-Mar-21 23:11:56

SpringyChicken. I honestly don’t know, it was a pack that came with the machine. I am very new to this seeing lark. I will try 100/16 snd see how I get in. Thanks

SpringyChicken Wed 17-Mar-21 07:29:04

If you are a newbie to sewing, it could also be your technique causing a problem. Make sure not to pull the fabric through as it is sewn. There are helpful videos on YouTube concerning sewing machine needles.

Savvy Thu 18-Mar-21 02:27:21

I have a friend who has a curtain making business, she always uses needles that are suitable for sewing jeans.

Scentia Thu 18-Mar-21 19:25:33

Thanks savvy

JaneJudge Thu 18-Mar-21 19:26:34

is your thread tension too tight?

Scentia Fri 19-Mar-21 17:47:20

Thanks so much everyone, managed to do it once I used the denim 100/16 needle.

Callistemon Fri 19-Mar-21 17:50:24

Well done.

Now, be very careful when you hang them - see other thread about washing curtains!

Susie42 Sat 03-Apr-21 11:52:36

I mainly use Schmetz needles and their website has a lot of good information.

I was told many years ago that all makes of needle fit Singer machines but Singer needles do not fit all other machines.