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Repairing a ‘pocket rip’

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Buffybee Fri 02-Apr-21 12:42:57

Hi, my grandson has asked if I can fix a jacket which he caught the pocket on a door handle.
There’s no spare material inside to help and I’ll be doing it by hand.
It will have to be repaired edge to edge somehow and is not going to be easy as it is a shiny polyester material.
I can sew quite neatly by hand but wondered if there was a stitch for edge to edge repairs I could try or any other ideas.

Nannarose Fri 02-Apr-21 14:44:10

Very used to doing this, and it is worth googling ideas. I think your main decisions are:
Is the jacket to be relegated to 'messing about' - in which case a zig-zag, strengthened by tape is best.
Does he want to make it as good as possible, for show, in which case I would use a repair that sews up the pocket - a shame not to have a useful pocket - but could still look smart. Sewing by hand I would do a sort of darning / running stitch. Sometimes, if doing away with the pocket, you can use thread from the pocket to 'invisibly darn'.
Could you add a motif, contrasting tape or similar to make a feature - and jazz up other bits of the jacket so it looks intentional? There are loads of motifs on haby sites.
I have once, taken a contrasting piece of fabric and made 2 new 'patch pockets - but probably not if you're working by hand.
Hope that helps!