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StatenIsland Tue 11-May-21 09:12:44

Any other mixed media crafters out there?

About fifteen years ago, I became very interested in papercrafts: card making and scrapbooking - then lost interest and gave away all my supplies.

Lockdown has resurrected that interest and things have moved on. I’ve become fascinated by art journalling, junk journalling, collage art, glue books, call it what you will. There are many, many YouTube videos to watch. Often I find I’m watching more than I’m doing but there are some very talents artists out there often recycling quite ordinary stuff e.g. tattered old books, magazines, cereal boxes, security envelopes, paper napkins, old stamps etc into beautiful art.

Some of my favourite channels are:

Kylie Coo and Nina Ribena from the Mixed Media Emporium
Joie de fi
Treasure Books
Noli Art
Margarete Miller

I can't paint or draw in any traditional sense but I can splodge paint, cut and stick, sew and create digital art so I am slowly finding my own style. It would be good to hear from others who find mixed media an absorbing creative outlet.

A thread about what to do with old cooking spices prompted me to post as I've been using turmeric, paprika etc to colour faux handmade papers. Treasure Books and Noli Art have posted excellent videos on how to do this without recourse to shredding, soaking, pulping and sieving through a screen.

NotSpaghetti Tue 11-May-21 09:16:53

I came across this person the other day.
Not sure if she's of interest?

Lynnwils Tue 11-May-21 18:25:47

Oh yes I’m a mixed media and scrapbooker. Do you watch Dyan Reaveley? Lots of YouTube videos and a few Facebook pages. Dylusions is the range.

StatenIsland Tue 11-May-21 19:29:58

NotSpaghetti - Extraordinary vibrant pieces. Not sure they are my cup of tea but liking the idea that they are made from recycled materials.

Lynnwils - No, I haven't but have heard of the Dylusions range as Kylie Coo used some of her products on one of her wonderful grungy projects. I'll check out DR's channel. Thanks.

Barbk Sun 06-Jun-21 17:01:16

I’m a card maker. It’s great relaxation and I never dreamt I’d be making card models. I go to a craft group and I’ve been able to do screen printing and vinyl work with the group. We’ve made t shirts and mugs. So good to learn from others and share supplies.

Revolucion Mon 14-Jun-21 21:48:33

OP I’m really into all these things too. I took a course a year ago on creative bookbinding which I also loved and I also love collage and print making. Willa Wanders is currently running a free 9 day course that I am loving. I follow her on Instagram

Lucy127 Wed 23-Jun-21 13:38:51

I retired three years ago and in readiness started getting crafting items together. Have plenty of resources now. Don’t watch crafting site anymore as I buy too much, and then wonder why when they turn up! I’m seeking like-minded people/ craft clubs, in area of Shrewsbury, Shropshire and a few miles West of Shrewsbury. So that we can share ideas, etc., and generally use what I have got to hand. It’s all just gathering dust.

Revolucion Wed 23-Jun-21 21:15:21

Sadly I’m in East Anglia - I would also love to find a group to create mixed media with.

FlowerPower60 Fri 06-Aug-21 11:30:43

Hi StatenIsland,
So glad you mentioned mixed it!!
During lockdown I made surreal collages using magazine and book images which was great fun!
I've got together a huge stash of images just waiting to be used.
I know what you mean about watching YouTube...very addictive but leaves no time for you to actually do any lol!!
Have you seen Gelli printing kitchen was covered in prints the first time I tried it! Great for backgrounds in art journals.
I love the idea of making paper....maybe I'll give it a go?
All the best to you!