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Fangus Mk 2 finally finished.

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Witzend Mon 17-May-21 15:11:54

He’s been waiting quite a while to have all his bits stitched on, but I shall post him off tomorrow.

Vickysponge Mon 17-May-21 15:16:05

That is gorgeous!

kathsue Mon 17-May-21 15:41:11

Brilliant. Love the arms.

AGAA4 Mon 17-May-21 16:14:24

Fangus is fantastic.

CraftyGranny Mon 17-May-21 18:30:08

Brilliant. Such a lot of detail. Was he/she difficult to make?

MerylStreep Mon 17-May-21 18:33:48

Oh Witzend, that’s amazing ????

Ilovecheese Mon 17-May-21 18:45:11

Oh wow!

DanniRae Mon 17-May-21 19:36:21

Love it!

Witzend Mon 17-May-21 20:45:45

Not at all difficult, CraftyGranny, but a lot of bits and sewing up. Good way to use up some of my stash!
Pattern is on the Knit for Nowt website, in case anyone wants to know. Apparently there has been a long waiting list for Worry-Eating Monsters.
They now have a Worry-eating Dog pattern on the website, too. He looks very cuddly - I am sorely tempted!

Gwyneth Mon 17-May-21 20:49:24

You’re so clever witzend he’s fab. ?