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An unexpectedly productive hour and a half yesterday!

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Witzend Tue 25-May-21 08:46:54

Yesterday I was wiping the dust off our very well used kitchen stool/step stool, when I thought it was high time we replaced it, since the stuffing was coming out of rips in the plastic seat.

Then I wondered whether I could make an elasticated cover for it out of bits of leftover curtain/cushion material, assuming I hadn’t chucked them all out.

I can’t say it’s very perfectly finished off, but since nobody’s going to be looking at the elastic casing, who cares?

JaneJudge Tue 25-May-21 08:52:29

it looks nice smile

Mopsx4 Tue 25-May-21 08:52:32

Well done Witzend. I have some of those stools that need new covers although 1 needs new padding too and the frame a lick of paint they are on my to do list. Maybe one day soon.

silverlining48 Tue 25-May-21 08:57:01

I really like up cycling well done 👍

MerylStreep Tue 25-May-21 08:58:35

Lovely pairing with the floor cover. 👏👏

Auntieflo Tue 25-May-21 09:03:20

Witzend, lovely, and well done you.
Isn't it just great when something like that gets done on the spur of the moment.

Now, if you have another couple of hours, I have a footstool that could do with a new cover... 🤗

baubles Tue 25-May-21 09:11:46

Lovely job. Well done you.
I’ve been thinking about recovering dining chair seat pads for ages. I haven’t even got round to taking one off to measure up. #procastinator

Witzend Tue 25-May-21 09:55:35

I’m the same with garden chair cushions, baubles. We’ve had them for absolutely ages but they’re starting to ‘go home’ as my mother used to say, plus they don’t fit our newer chairs properly - seats too deep and backs not quite long enough.

If I could find any I really liked I’d buy some, but they’re all so boring looking, just plain or striped. I sent for a lovely jungly-print outdoor fabric sample several weeks ago, but that’s as far as I’ve got.