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Still a high demand for Worry Monsters

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Witzend Fri 11-Jun-21 13:32:40

I recently had an acknowledgement of the 2nd one I sent to Knit-for-Nowt, and apparently the waiting lists are temporarily closed again, so many are requested by children’s therapists, etc.

Just thought I’d mention it, in case any keen knitters have a stash of lots of odds and ends to use up - you can use any assortment of colours. Little hand puppets of various family and ‘official’ figures are also in demand.

Free patterns are available on the Knit for Nowt website.

Purplepixie Mon 14-Jun-21 17:18:26

Thank you, I'll have a look at it. I've got quite a few odds and ends.

Redhead56 Mon 14-Jun-21 22:00:50

I did knit a lot and crochet but it's not possible now arthritis took over my hands. However I have been on the website and will be happy to send donations to such a worthy cause.

Doodle Mon 14-Jun-21 22:12:26

Thank you Witzend I have never done anything like this before but wouldn’t mind having a go.