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Mumofthree Thu 08-Jul-21 19:01:05

hi, new to the group, wondering if any of you machine knit? I had an old Toyota in the 70s/80's when the kids were little and had no choice but to wear what I made them grin but then I lost interest due to having no time to knit.. a couple of years ago I bought another machine and it has become a bit of a beast..I find I have stashes of yarn and 3 machines... is anyone else a machine knitter, I do a few simple hand knit projects but I always go back to my machines.

Polly99 Thu 08-Jul-21 19:13:58

Hello and welcome Mumofthree. Like you I had a toyota knitting machine in the 80s when my children were small. It was a creative outlet as I designed my own patterns and had great fun. Problem was production was so quick I ran out of people to knit for. I sold it when I went back to work. Now I find hand knitting more therapeutic as there is no rush to finish a garment.

Mumofthree Thu 08-Jul-21 20:24:41

Polly99 I love hand joining the seams while watching TV its really the best part for me. Relaxing and creative, nothing better.