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Has anyone ever steeked a crochet jumper

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Itsawelshthing Fri 09-Jul-21 14:48:48

Hi all. I've been crocheting for quite a while now but I've never actually steeked a jumper and turned it into a cardigan. I've watched tutorials on YouTube but mainly found people steeking knitted garments rather than crochet ones. Just wondering is it possible to do this with a crochet jumper? I will be making sure stitches in the middle will be double crocheted so that it is easier to sew and cut. Any help or experience/advice would be appreciated. Thank you x

Chardy Fri 09-Jul-21 16:35:49

Oh wow, I'd never heard either the word nor heard of the concept, in either knitting or crochet.

Sorry, I'm no help at all, but thank you. You learn something new every day!

annodomini Fri 09-Jul-21 17:10:22

Interesting. I don't think my Mum knew about that, though she used to knit the yoke of Shetland jumpers in the round. But she wasn't a Shetlander!

cornishpatsy Fri 09-Jul-21 17:52:32

Never tried crochet, looks complicated to make anything other than a blanket of squares. Thought this was amazing.

NotSpaghetti Fri 09-Jul-21 18:20:43

I don't crochet but these people do:

NotSpaghetti Fri 09-Jul-21 18:24:04

Sorry just re-read the post..... this is also KNIT.

Doodledog Fri 09-Jul-21 19:00:07

I don't crochet, so this may be nonsense, but I can't see why it wouldn't work if you sew around the bit you want to cut as thoroughly as possible. I have to warn you that I've done this with knitting, and it was traumatic!

I can foresee problems with picking up the stitches to add the button band, though, but as I say, I knit, not crochet, so it might not be as difficult as I am imagining. My advice would be to practice on a small square first, and see how it goes.

wildswan16 Fri 09-Jul-21 19:47:26

It was far too traumatic doing it for knitting. Can't imagine doing it on crochet!

Try following notspaghetti's link and do come back and tell us how you got on.

Itsawelshthing Fri 09-Jul-21 23:02:38

Thank you all. I am petrified to even try it but I am going to do a sample piece first and see how I get on with that rather than possibly ruin a jumper. I suppose it take a lot of practice.. Just sounds so much easier (until I actually do it lol)

Callistemon Sat 10-Jul-21 00:04:08

I'd never heard the term but had heard of doing this with knitting.

However, I'm not brave enough to try it!
Good luck

Ailidh Sat 10-Jul-21 07:24:11

I hadn't heard of steeking before, and even with googling I don't quite understand it.

However, serendipitously, while browsing Ravelry this morning I came across this pattern, and wo de red if it might help?

Witzend Sat 10-Jul-21 07:31:30

Goodness, that’s a new word for me!
Sounds like something never to be attempted for me, though - almost certainly a lot of very unladylike language, followed by a UFO in the bin.

Alizarin Sat 10-Jul-21 07:42:57

Thank you for introducing me to something I didn't know existed, although I've knitted and crocheted since I was a child. I notice from the tutorials that you need to use 'sticky' yarn, as acrylic or cotton won't work. It looks like a very brave thing to do! Hope you eventually find someone who's steeked with crochet.

MiniMoon Sat 10-Jul-21 10:27:30

It might be possible if the stitches are short eg. double crochet . I wouldn't like to attempt it with taller stitches. If you do try it, good luck.

Flexagon Sat 10-Jul-21 11:34:22

Steeking crochet can be done quite easily provided you adapt your pattern to incorporate an extra section of stitches which you can cut into.

You might like to have a look at Vicki Brown's free downloadable instructions which are on Ravelry:

This is markedly different to steeking knitted work which you'd do on stocking stitch colourwork where you would have a flap to fold back and a neat edge on the fold back formed by the V of knitted stitches. In this crocheted vesion she's unravelling a chained steek so you would need to add an edge to neaten.

I think the way you are suggesting could work depending on the weight of yarn, how textured the stitches of the main body areare and the kind of edge the fold back would create.

olliebeak Fri 16-Jul-21 12:21:16

How about stitching two rows of binding tape down the centre of the front of the garment - with the crochet in between them. You'd need to do TWO rows of stitching (preferably on a sewing machine) - leaving a centre channel where you could cut up the centre. Then fold both pieces of tape to the INSIDE of the garment. You could perhaps trim the width of the tape of the inside piece of tape, so that it could be 'enclosed' once the outer piece of tape is folded under and stitched down again.

Can't think how you'd deal with the neckband though confused.