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Advice re chunky wool for a baby blanket

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fevertree Sat 24-Jul-21 20:52:49

Hi all, I have a really nice knitting pattern for a baby blanket, plain, but with a heart motif in a different stitch in the centre. The pattern suggests a super chunky Chenille but I don't like the look of it. I would prefer to knit it in a wool / acrylic mix.

I'd appreciate any suggestions from other knitters as to what yarn to use.

Thank you in anticipation.

Doodledog Sat 24-Jul-21 21:10:05

Chenille tends to shed fibres, which is not ideal for a baby who would inhale them.

Can you link us up to the pattern?

Failing that, if you go to you can search for yarns with the same gauge as the one in the pattern and take it from there. You can even see patterns that others have knitted up in that yarn to get an idea of what it looks like.

Flexagon Sat 24-Jul-21 21:13:30

I think you are wise to avoid chenille especially for a baby blanket as, in my experience, chenille, even if said to washable, can shred in the washing machine.

I haven't made a lot of things in superchunky but have liked Rowan Big Wool and Wool and the Gang's Crazy Sexy Wool.

King Cole and Sirdar both do a wool/acrylic mix which I haven't tried. You can't go far wrong with the Stylecraft Special range. They do an XL super chunky although there doesn't appear to be white in the colour range only cream.

If the pattern is easy to adapt, I might be inclined to drop to chunky. The Cascade Superwash wools are lovely to work with. Stylecraft Special Chunky is also good to knit with washes well and and is very economical.

Do you use Wool Warehouse? Great range of yarns and excellent customer service.

Doodledog Sat 24-Jul-21 21:21:39

Wool Warehouse is a good shout. As is Black Sheep Yarns. On both you can refine your search by yarn weight, so will see what is available in Chunky (or super chunky if that is what you want), and check out the gauge when you click on the yarn itself.

Actually, if you are making the whole blanket in the same yarn the gauge won't matter too much. It might matter if it is just the heart that's in a different yarn, though.

fevertree Sat 24-Jul-21 21:27:34

Thank you so much already! smile One does wonder why would the designer use Chenille!

I have the pattern in PDF, see screenshot attached.

MawBe Sat 24-Jul-21 21:36:03

Deramores Chunky and Superchunky are lovely and soft.

Chardy Sat 24-Jul-21 21:39:22

It needs to be soft, so I'd go for a designated baby wool.
If you google 'Lovecrafts Baby' they've several chunkies.
If you google 'Lovecrafts Discount' and there may be percentage discounts available.

Doodledog Sat 24-Jul-21 21:56:49

There is a sale on Drops yarns at Wool Warehouse. Drops is a reliable brand, and they have a couple of chunky ones on sale.

They also have some chunky chenille yarns that are sold as Baby Blanket though, so maybe they won't shed as much as some chenille will.

fevertree Sat 24-Jul-21 21:59:47

Thanks, all!

Flexagon Sat 24-Jul-21 22:04:11

This isn't what you asked for but at all but reminded me that I made a lovely Bento Box blanket using KPF Gossyp Cotton Chunky from Hong Kong. It's a Staci Perry VeryPinkKnits design:

It knitted and washed up beautifully and comes in a delicious range of colours. I thought I'd mention it in case it interests anyone out there who likes to source and try yarns that we don't usually see.

Flexagon Sat 24-Jul-21 22:11:29


There is a sale on Drops yarns at Wool Warehouse. Drops is a reliable brand, and they have a couple of chunky ones on sale.

They also have some chunky chenille yarns that are sold as Baby Blanket though, so maybe they won't shed as much as some chenille will.

I think this must be the one recommended in the pattern with various substitutes. Maybe there is chenille and chenille. I once machine washed an M&S "machine washable' chenille sweater - not a hand knit. The fabric disintegrated and wrecked my machine.

fevertree Sat 24-Jul-21 22:33:43

Flexagon thank you. I still think I might go for a different yarn, instead of the Chenille. The HK yarn looks good, lovely colours.

I'm happy to pass on the pattern if anyone else would like to knit it, just send email address via DM.

Chardy Sun 25-Jul-21 11:06:20 have some chunky and aran yarn in their sale and 15% your first order if you subscribe to their newsletter

Ailidh Sun 25-Jul-21 11:10:47

I've recently made a baby blanket in James Brett Flutterby Chunky- it's soft and I suppose chenille-ish but it didn't she'd.

fevertree Sun 25-Jul-21 18:27:15

Thank you once again, all. I have decided to knit it in chunky, as it is a blanket, I imagine it won't matter other than to be a bit smaller perhaps. Anyway I will adjust as necessary. smile

overthehill Sun 05-Sep-21 18:39:17

I bought a pattern on line to make a baby blanket. However, it was knitted in squares and couldn't be bothered. I went on YouTube and got a crochet pattern....waffle and not finished yet, but I'm pleased the way it is turning out. It is just ordinary DK.

MtroN545 Thu 09-Sep-21 18:20:24

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welbeck Thu 09-Sep-21 18:41:01

when/how would it be used.
i thought babies were not meant to have blankets /covers in bed.