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Blanket vs. shawl, opinions please O wise ones!

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Witzend Sat 28-Aug-21 20:26:01

I finished the first 24 inch section of my blanket, so 2 more to go, but it’s occurred to me that it’d make a nice shawl as it is. The charity it’d go to dishes them out to refugees, etc. What do you think? Obviously I will tidy the ends up first, into nice neat tassels.

I still have loads of yarn, so was thinking of making a blanket anyway, but with fatter needles and 2 strands of yarn, so that not only would it be quicker to make, it’d also be thicker and warmer.
I got dh to take a pic, so here ‘tis - I was holding it together.

Nonogran Sat 28-Aug-21 20:34:38

Looks great as it is! Well done!

Aveline Sat 28-Aug-21 20:39:00

It's lovely. You really are a terrific knitter.

Jaxjacky Sat 28-Aug-21 20:53:45

Looks brilliant, so clever ?

ayse Sat 28-Aug-21 20:56:15

Lovely. Personally I’d give it as it stands.

Witzend Sat 28-Aug-21 21:48:03

Thanks, all - a shawl it is, then.
BTW it’s the easiest possible knitting - just one garter stitch row in each colour.

Jaxjacky Sat 28-Aug-21 21:57:15

You’re talking a foreign language Witzend ??

Hetty58 Sat 28-Aug-21 22:01:47

Lovely - and a really useful item for somebody feeling chilly.

Callistemon Sat 28-Aug-21 22:28:54

Lovely just as it is, Witzend

How many stitches did you cast on (you may have said already on another thread)?

Doodledog Sat 28-Aug-21 22:31:47


Lovely - and a really useful item for somebody feeling chilly.

This. I think that a wearable shawl would be more useful than a blanket, as the wearer can move about in it, and also keep it about their person so it doesn't get stolen.

It looks great - well done?

ginny Sat 28-Aug-21 23:30:01

Great either way.

Ro60 Sun 29-Aug-21 02:15:56

As it is. It's beautiful ? Definitely nice enough to wear Out.

FannyCornforth Sun 29-Aug-21 06:05:23

I love it ? its absolutely gorgeous. You clever sausage!

Ailidh Sun 29-Aug-21 06:14:36


And I'd say that refugee charities would welcome it as is.

I was down delivering coats to our local City of Sanctuary drop-off point on Friday, and when I asked what else might be needed, they said that in their experience shawls/blankets of the pram size kind are always very welcome. I'm guessing something a woman could wrap round baby or baby and self.

There seems to be provision of accommodation and therefore beds and therefore bedding in place but I think the comfort of a shawl that is both useful and beautiful must be immense.

Here's my current effort, so far.

fairfraise Sun 29-Aug-21 06:20:44

That looks lovely.

FannyCornforth Sun 29-Aug-21 06:42:07

Ailidh that is so lovely. Whoever receives that will be very touched.
I’d write a little message on a little sewn on label if I was clever enough to make anything like that.
Well done you flowers

Allsorts Sun 29-Aug-21 07:18:40

What lovely shawls you have knitted or crocheted, think it’s a lovely idea sewing a message into them. The amount, of wool I have just sitting around I no excuse not to start one.

Witzend Sun 29-Aug-21 08:30:58

That’s really lovely, Ailidh!

Callistemon, it was 280 sts on a 4 mm circular needle, same as the scarf pattern, but that’s only 7 inches long. It wasn’t a very long needle, so quite bunched up, but it didn’t matter. Nice mindless knitting in front of the telly. I always had the next 10 or so colours lined up on the back of the sofa, so no having to go upstairs to delve into the stash each time.

It was v good for using up a lot of very small oddments that wouldn’t be much use for anything else.

Ailidh Sun 29-Aug-21 08:59:02

FannyCornforth, what a great idea about the label!

Witzend, I envy you being able to knit on circular needles!!
I knit with the right hand one under my arm, and can't Not do it that way. It's fine but I find circulars or 4-needle socks etc impossible!

Callistemon Sun 29-Aug-21 09:34:45

Thanks Witzend

I'm experimenting and using up oddments by crocheting squares, Ailidh, trying out a few different flower patterns but generally sticking to the easiest as I do it with one eye on the TV in the evenings.

Next lesson from YouTube will have to be how to crochet them together.

Witzend Sun 29-Aug-21 10:08:18

I did struggle a bit at first, Ailidh - not helped by the fact that I was using a very old one, inherited from my mother. The knitting didn’t slide at all easily over the joins from straight to bendy.
New ones are lovely and smooth. ?

Are you in the Highlands/Islands? Your lovely name would suggest it, and I’ve read that knitting with one needle under your arm is traditional in those areas. Sounds pretty impossible to me, but then so would any method I’m not used to.

Nortsat Sun 29-Aug-21 18:41:50

Witzend, it’s absolutely lovely.
Seeing those poor souls arriving from Afghanistan or on dinghies across the channel, with nothing, I think they would be delighted to receive such a warm, beautiful shawl. ?

Ailidh, lovely crochet work in such beautiful colours. ?

Ailidh Sun 29-Aug-21 19:03:23

Witzend- No, not the Isles but I am (Very) originally from Perth, and my Mum will have taught me the Scottish way.

JaneJudge Sun 29-Aug-21 19:06:28

the shawl and the crochet squares are both lovely!! xx

Ailidh Sun 29-Aug-21 19:07:30

Nortsat- Thank you!

I've just been in touch with the local City of Sanctuary drop off point to ask if they really would like more - I was thinking of trying to get a group of willing crafters together to make a fair few - and yours was my exact thought - that of course being safe, and being given the basics will be the most important but how comforting would it be to also get something pretty.