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My poor old ‘Stumpy’ McFangus

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Witzend Wed 02-Mar-22 12:07:08

The charity they go to has been asking for worry monsters with disabilities, and/or pants to fit them.

So I’ve given this one both.
Sundry bits of him have been lying around for quite a while so I shall be glad to get him finally wrapped and posted - so I can get on with the next excuse for ignoring housework. ?

Ilovecheese Wed 02-Mar-22 12:10:49

Sort of scary and cute at the same time!

FannyCornforth Wed 02-Mar-22 12:15:06

I love his ears and fins (are they fins?)
What is around his waist?
Your knitting is always so perfect and neat smile

Witzend Wed 02-Mar-22 12:27:14

Thank you, FannyCornforth - as long as you don’t look too closely! Especially at his toenails….
He’s got horns and ears. The green bit is just a one stripe of several, the rest are covered by his blue pants.

Purplepixie Sat 05-Mar-22 11:27:09

Great work and well done to you. Which charity do you make them for? I have just finished a couple of crocheted tops for my grand daughters and forgot to take photos, doh!

Witzend Sun 06-Mar-22 11:53:06

They’re for Knit for Nowt, Purplepixie, I’ve made several for them now.
Might add that I only posted him off on Thursday afternoon, but received a thank-you email from the woman who runs it, on the Friday morning! And that was from SW London to Yorkshire.
Three cheers for the good old Royal Mail!

Yes, do please take pics next time - I love seeing what everyone else is making.