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LilyoftheValley Sun 06-Mar-22 23:30:18

Do any Gransnetters do Stamp Embroidery, please and, if so, do you have any advice for a complete beginner. Thank you.

Nanabanana1 Mon 07-Mar-22 07:31:21

What is stamp embroidery please?
Off to Google it xx

biglouis Tue 15-Mar-22 00:56:43

Do you mean "stump" embroidery where you pad it out so that it stands proud of the surface of the fabric?

JackyB Tue 15-Mar-22 09:27:08

I can't figure it out, either. Google throws up

- embroidery designs that are the size of a postage stamp

- embroidery designs based on postage stamps

- Raised stitches as biglouis describes (some of the pictures show e.g. a long border, so much bigger than an actual postage stamp

- designs that are stamped on to the cloth to guide you

So I am intrigued as to what the question is about too.

Ali08 Tue 29-Mar-22 13:48:22

Do you mean where the design is already there on the material for you to go over?
I've done that, but years ago.

Happysexagenarian Sat 02-Apr-22 19:18:58

Lily If you mean designs that are stamped (printed) onto fabric ready for you to embroider, I have done some stamped Cross Stitch designs in the past. I actually prefer it to counted cross stitch which I struggle to do now.

With cross stitch I have found that working each stitch individually (rather than working one way along a row stitching half of the stitch, and then back again doing the other half) gives a much better result and maintains the tension better. If you buy a kit they usually come with very detailed instructions and produces a nice finish.

Of course if that's not the kind of embroidery you mean, then ignore this!

Whiff Sun 03-Apr-22 05:55:19

Stamp embroidery is where the design is stamped onto the fabric. Once you have completed the sewing you wash it and the stamped lines disappear. With cross stitch stamped designs the X's are in the colours you need to use so they don't wash out.

Stamp embroidery is just the outlines if it's a kit it tells you what type of stitch to use for each part. You can by a book of designs that you cut out and iron on to the fabric you are using. The you use whatever stitch you want eg satin stitch, lazy daisy etc.

I in the past have done this type of embroidery. But much rather do counted cross stitch which I am addicted to.

For stamp embroidery on fabric and cross stitch on Aida or even weave use a hoop as it keeps the tension and easier to keep the stitches even .

Think that may answer your question.