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A Worry-Eating Ted, for a change

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Witzend Thu 24-Mar-22 09:18:49

…from worry-eating monsters and dogs, that is.
I’ll probably post him off today, if there’s enough brown paper.

I don’t think I’ll be making any more from this pattern, though - the mouth pocket has come out very neat but it involved ‘pick up and knit’, which I hate!

Shandy57 Thu 24-Mar-22 09:20:45

What a lovely face!

LilyoftheValley Thu 24-Mar-22 09:25:38

I think he looks to be a happy chap. Well done,

seacliff Thu 24-Mar-22 09:28:44

Beautiful work, he looks so friendly

Jody1234 Thu 24-Mar-22 09:29:08

What a lovely Ted, he's gorgeous!

ElaineI Thu 24-Mar-22 09:29:36

Looks great Witzend. You are very talented. DGS2 has a bought one but not nearly as nice ?

crazyH Thu 24-Mar-22 09:30:27

Happy chappy - well done !

Ailidh Thu 24-Mar-22 09:50:00

He's gorgeous!

Witzend Thu 24-Mar-22 11:02:58

Thank you for all kind comments.
The trouble with making these things - especially the worry-eating dogs - is that I then don’t feel like parting with them! I’d better get out the brown paper and Sellotape before I weaken.