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Finally finished the blasted thing! mega stash buster blanket)

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Witzend Mon 04-Apr-22 13:59:18

Shall be glad to see the back of it! Will post it off tomorrow.
I still have a hefty stash left, but if I ever make another it’ll be on rather fatter needles and with one strand of chunky and one DK, like purplepixie said she used for her Battersea blankets - instead of 2 x DK.
It’s nice and thick and warm, though.
Here it is, on a king size bed, and more colourful than it looks in the pic.

fairfraise Mon 04-Apr-22 14:02:59

Wow, I'm impressed. How many stitches cast on for that? Knitted blankets always very warm. It would take me forever I think!

twinnytwin Mon 04-Apr-22 14:03:07

Wow - that's a mammoth task but looks fantastic. I'm knitting a baby's jacket at the moment and get fed up knitting a sleeve. Well done.

mokryna Mon 04-Apr-22 14:03:11

Congratulations, it looks beautiful.

Maudi Mon 04-Apr-22 14:09:12

Looks lovely, well done you. I've only ever knitted cot blankets.

Ilovecheese Mon 04-Apr-22 14:10:52

Lovely. No wonder it took you ages.

crazyH Mon 04-Apr-22 14:10:56

Very impressed ?

Witzend Mon 04-Apr-22 14:12:29

Thank you all - it did seem to take forever - I was beginning to wonder whether I’d ever finish it. I had other things on the go, though - this was largely reserved for mindless TV knitting.

It was 220 sts, all garter st, on a 5mm circular needle. I did it in 3 x 24 inch sections, so roughly a 5 x 6 foot blanket.

It’s going to be a hefty parcel to post tomorrow!

AreWeThereYet Mon 04-Apr-22 14:39:05

Well done Witzend I bet that is beautifully warm.

I love seeing all the things posters make.

TillyTrotter Mon 04-Apr-22 14:44:50

Superb talent and patience you possess Witzend to have knitted that - it’s impressive and colourful.

Chocolatelovinggran Mon 04-Apr-22 14:47:18

What a brilliant use of your stash, Witzend - great work !

Callistemon21 Mon 04-Apr-22 15:13:08

Wonderful, well done Witzend! It's huge, that took some knitting. ?
Is it for a family member?

Witzend Mon 04-Apr-22 16:37:26

It’s going to Knit for Peace, Callistemon21 - they’re always asking for blankets.
I hope it’ll go to some poor cold person!

Callistemon21 Mon 04-Apr-22 16:38:54

Oh, lovely, well done Witzend

Happysexagenarian Mon 04-Apr-22 17:31:52

Well done Witzend, that's impressive.
Somebody will be very grateful to have that.
I wish I liked knitting. I can knit (and crochet) I just don't enjoy doing either, too slow for me. I've abandoned so many knitting projects over the years sad

Kim19 Mon 04-Apr-22 17:34:29

A Maze Ing! ??

nanaK54 Mon 04-Apr-22 19:15:58

Really lovely, well done you

Blossoming Mon 04-Apr-22 19:18:12

Congratulations Witzend, a mega achievement ❤️

Rosie51 Mon 04-Apr-22 19:19:59

Oh well done, that was a mammoth task! Somebody is going to love it and appreciate all your effort. flowers

Jaxjacky Mon 04-Apr-22 19:43:14

I can’t underestimate the patience and skill ??

Witzend Mon 04-Apr-22 19:55:57

Sod all skill, Jaxjacky - all just basic garter stitch!
(But thank you anyway.)

lixy Mon 04-Apr-22 20:06:37

Wow, that's an incredible amount of work. Hope it kept you warm over the winter while you were making it!