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Crochet top for my grand daughter

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Purplepixie Tue 19-Apr-22 13:34:41

I have just finished yet another crocheted T shirt top for another of my grand daughters. The other two have had theirs and worn them. It’s to go over a T shirt, vest or even swim suit. I made this one with 8mm crochet hook and chunky white yarn.

Sorry the photo came out on its side and it will not turn! Annoying computers!

Witzend Wed 20-Apr-22 07:05:44

That’s lovely, PurplePixie - I’m sure your Gdd will be very pleased!

baubles Wed 20-Apr-22 07:20:59

Lovely Purplepixie. Your GDs must be delighted with them.

Nannee49 Wed 20-Apr-22 10:27:42

So pretty Purplepixie! Could you recommend where to get the pattern? I feel my fingers itching ?

Purplepixie Wed 20-Apr-22 11:38:01

Thank you. Here is the link but if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask.

Pepper59 Wed 20-Apr-22 13:01:23

Thats really lovely. My dear Mum used to crotchet and I still have a cushion cover she made. For some reason she found crotchet easier than knitting. I don't know why as I cannot do either.

Blossoming Wed 20-Apr-22 14:02:44

That’s lovely Purplepixie and ideal for this time of year.

Ailidh Wed 20-Apr-22 14:05:18

Beautiful! And I've saved the link, thank you! (Only about 48 blankets to go, then can make something for myself.....) ?

travelsafar Wed 20-Apr-22 14:06:07

How beautiful, wish I could crochet hmm

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 20-Apr-22 14:09:52

Me too. It’s really lovely. You are a clever lady.

Nannee49 Wed 20-Apr-22 17:00:08

Thank you for the pattern and inspiration PP, I'll get on it now?

SachaMac Wed 20-Apr-22 17:22:16

I’m just starting to master granny squares but I would love to be able to do something like that for my GD’s one day.

Caleo Wed 20-Apr-22 20:53:19

Extremely nice work. I wish I could crochet especially if I could make well shaped garments like that.