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Gauge Knit - I need help!

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Tamaraellie Thu 21-Apr-22 20:47:23

Hi all, I own a baby and children’s clothing business and I’m currently trying to get some jumpers manufactured. The manufacturer emailed me today asking what gauge knit I would like, and I have no clue how to answer this! Can anyone tell me what knit gauge I would need to make a jumper like this? Thank you!

Blossoming Thu 21-Apr-22 20:53:22

I’ve no idea, but gauge is the number of stitches per inch.

Elegran Thu 21-Apr-22 20:58:12

Kniy gauge isn't a magic formula, it is just how many stitches and rows there are to the inch. Why don't you find a jumper in a gauge you like, and count how many stitches and rows in a measured square of 4 inches by four (or 10cm by 10cm) ?

We can't measure the rows and stitches in a photograph for you!

OakDryad Thu 21-Apr-22 21:37:10

A commercial manufacturer will want to know what weight of garment you want. Fine, medium or heavy or they may express it as seasonal. Take a look at the websites of some quality brands e.g. John Smedley and Pringle for more information.

karmalady Sat 23-Apr-22 20:15:41

use the yarn you would like to use and knit a large square, maybe 6 x 6 inches. Use various needle sizes until you get the density and drape that you want. Then get a gauge square, 4 x 4 inches and carefully count the number of stitches and the number of rows

That top is a rib, yarn looks to be quite thick ie dk and the drape seems to be a cotton or bamboo blend. They want to know how many stitches and rows bear in mind that the jumper looks quite sloppy ie will get quite large when worn.

granshe Mon 02-May-22 12:31:04

The stitch looks like fisherman’s rib or half fisherman’s rib. Won’t look good in a tight tension - but not loose either. Depends on what thickness yarn you are thinking of too. Why not find a pattern in a similar stitch in the yarn you are thinking of and see what tension/gauge it uses over 4ins or 10 cams.

granshe Mon 02-May-22 12:31:30

Cms not cams!!