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Baggs Wed 11-May-22 16:29:53

You know those modern tin-openers that run on batteries and not muscle? Well, I have one and I've found that it de-sharpens the edges of tin lids so well that I can use the lids as individual palette thingies for mixing watercolour paint.

I love finding out stuff like this ?????โ€?

We don't use many tins but MrB bought some early on in the pandemic in case we had to isolate for a few weeks ever (we didn't) and I'm just using them up now โ€“ evaporated milk today that I'm using in an eggy macaroni cheese recipe.

Eggy macaroni cheese was brought up on another GN thread recently. I'm glad to have a use for the evaporated milk he bought.

H1954 Fri 20-May-22 14:30:18

I'm with you on the recycle - reuse ethic. When clearing out a cupboard recently I found a stack of wooden forks............they will make perfect plant labels for the greenhouse.

Yogurt tub, we buy it by the litre, are wash and used for all sorts in the potting shed. Squash bottles are washed and used with a watering spike for the garden too.