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treetop Tue 09-Aug-22 12:07:45

With all the world worried about global warming and plastics i stumbled on to the idea of sustainable natural crafting. Has anyone done much of this?

Nannarose Tue 09-Aug-22 13:28:13

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but between FB, Freegle & Freecycle, we have several local groups who use left-overs to make items for use or sell to charities.

Witzend Sat 13-Aug-22 14:11:49

I only make things for charities or fundraising, but I’m afraid the yarn and stuffing I use are not exactly eco-friendly - acrylic yarn, polyester stuffing, but the latter is required by the charity I knit for.
Pure wool would be too expensive for what I make.

I did once try pure wool stuffing, but sadly it didn’t work as well for my particular purposes.

Ali23 Sat 13-Aug-22 14:35:19

I also craft for charity. I try to make as much as possible free to source or sustainable but realise that a glue gun is plastic and yarn is man made too (although lots of my yarn is other peoples leftovers), lots of paints and embellishments are man made etc… but pressed flowers, tree cones, acorns, flower heads, seed pods etc can be made into a lot of things and I upcycle illustrations from picture books and cards, and some beads.

Canalboatgranma Sat 13-Aug-22 14:58:03

I make junk journals by repurposing books and magazines, along with material, ribbons and buttons bought from charity shops and car boot sales.

treetop Mon 15-Aug-22 00:28:50

No it was using sustainable natural materials such as the kinda things found with these people
using earthy natural things into crafts just sounded really interesting.

treetop Mon 15-Aug-22 00:30:05

Up cycling is a really good thing as well tho. it's also a goo way to have fun and save the pennies and make the old have a new life again

Ali23 Tue 16-Aug-22 14:17:15

For me, collecting things in season is half the fun… a bit of a twist on our regular walks and growing annuals, and free and sustainable ?