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Free Christmassy pattern for using up very small oddments

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Witzend Sun 02-Oct-22 09:00:31

It’s on the Jean Greenhowe website - just thought I’d post in case anyone else is daft enough!
They’re only about 4 inches long.
Dd is once again manning (womanning) the raffle stall for Gdcs’ school Christmas fair, so I thought some mini stocking bunting might be a jolly decoration. They’ll be more spread out, but still a few more to go.

Nannagarra Sun 02-Oct-22 09:16:18

Many thanks Witzend. I hope the bunnies in baskets are going well.

3dognight Sun 02-Oct-22 09:21:43

I always love seeing your beautiful knitting Witzend.

I can’t knit a stitch.

nanna8 Sun 02-Oct-22 11:09:26

They are lovely, very nice Witzend

Ro60 Sun 02-Oct-22 11:37:17

Advent calendar sprung to mind, but have I the patience to do 24? ? DD might get it by next year ?

Witzend Sun 02-Oct-22 13:11:34


Many thanks Witzend. I hope the bunnies in baskets are going well.

Bunnies will be in the charity sale today! Dh and I will be along later. ?they won’t be hanging around all unloved.

Nannagarra Sun 02-Oct-22 13:49:31

Delighted to learn this Witzend. I’m sure no one will be able to resist.

MiniMoon Sun 02-Oct-22 16:00:40

Ro60, a few years ago I crocheted 24 small Christmas stockings for DH to make into an Advent calendar. It was a fun project to do if a little fiddly.

MiniMoon Sun 02-Oct-22 16:01:55

Not my husband, my daughter!

Ali08 Mon 03-Oct-22 15:19:17

I love that idea.

Liz46 Mon 03-Oct-22 16:50:59

One year, when I was volunteering in a charity shop, I made lots of Father Christmas badges. We put them on the counter next to the till and they shot out at £1 each (plus Gift Aid). The customers were requesting more and I was totally fed up with them in the end but they did make quite a lot of money for the charity.

Witzend Mon 03-Oct-22 19:08:23

What were they made of, Liz46? Not that I need another Christmas project, but I’ve got a lot of red and white yarn to use up….

Nannagarra Mon 03-Oct-22 20:15:17

Using DK, ravelry has a lovely free pattern for a Santa brooch, Witzend.
Can you resist?

Witzend Tue 04-Oct-22 10:18:31

Found it - thanks Nannagarra - you never know, I might make a few for dd and family to wear at the school Christmas fair….