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Charity requesting knitted squares for blankets

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ixion Fri 07-Oct-22 11:07:37

The charity wants knitted squares, 30cm by 30cm, that they can use to create blankets
They are appealing for knitters to help them create blankets to keep disabled children warm this winter.

I thiught this might be of interest to knitters wanting to finish up wool, or an untaxing 'project with a purpose' these coming months.

Chardy Fri 07-Oct-22 11:56:11

Presumably they are happy to receive crocheted squares too

Joane123 Fri 07-Oct-22 12:29:54

Thank you for the link ixion

Namsnanny Fri 07-Oct-22 12:41:48

Thank you for the info.

Greyduster Fri 07-Oct-22 13:04:38

I’ve got loads of spare wool - I’ll have a go! Thank you for the link!

Namsnanny Fri 07-Oct-22 13:16:36

I keep saying the same thing Greyduster. But I've just bought another 600 gms of neon yarn for Halloween projectsblush

Willsnan Wed 19-Oct-22 16:34:45

Thanks for this link, been looking for project to use up surplus yarn Xx