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Handmade cards needed to raise funds for life saving surgery.

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PiscesLady Sat 08-Oct-22 15:22:46

I recently heard about this, and thought it might appeal to creative people.
Jenny lives in the UK but desperately needs life-saving neurosurgery that is only available in USA.

I wonder if anyone would kindly make a postcard sized (A6) piece of artwork for this fund raising appeal?

Below are the details. Full details (including Jenny's condition) are on the website:

"Whether you’re a professional artist, a dabbler, a doodler, or anything in between, we would love you to send us a postcard-sized (A6) artwork. The art will be displayed and bid upon online on 1st December 2022: nobody will know whether the artwork that they choose to bid upon has been created by a famous artist or an amateur, an adult or a child! The artist will remain secret until bidding is complete!

Details and rules:
Creators make a postcard-sized (A6) artwork which can be portrait or landscape
– any age artist
– any style
– any media
– any colours
– any topic, serious or funny

Write your full name on the back of your creation so that viewers of the artworks will not know who the creators of the artworks are, until they have bought the item. This is the ‘secret’ aspect.
Send your finished A6 piece of art to us by 20th November 2022 at the following address, so that we can photograph it in plenty of time for the auction:

PO Box 57
SY20 0AP

The auction is on Thursday December 1st, 2022.
Please enclose a return postal address; should any artwork remain unsold, we would like to return your artwork to you.
We will take a photo of your artwork and add a watermark so that your art cannot be copied or used by others, when displayed online."

Many thanks for reading this. Please spread the word!

Chardy Sat 08-Oct-22 19:55:51

What a lovely idea

foxie48 Sat 08-Oct-22 20:56:55

I think that's a lovely idea and happy to oblige.