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Glass craft glue: Advice please

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Menna Thu 27-Oct-22 21:28:14


A precious bottle has been broken. Thick blue glass given by a loved one.

I have the pieces and can piece it together (its thick old glass).

What glue do you suggest I use, please?

I'm wondering if there is, say, a special golden type glue (or similar) rather like, say, the Japanese repair china with. That way the preciousbottle could have new but treasured character.

I'd so much appreciate advice.

ParlorGames Fri 28-Oct-22 08:21:25

I really cannot help but I do know the Japanese repair craft that you referred to. I will be watching this thread with interest and hope that you find a way to get the bottle repaired.

MerylStreep Fri 28-Oct-22 08:26:52

YouTube, it’s all on there.

Menna Fri 28-Oct-22 19:20:27

Can you give a link please MerylStreep?
Thank you.

MerylStreep Fri 28-Oct-22 19:28:34

Here is one YouTube link.
From this one you can view dozens.

dthomass Fri 28-Oct-22 23:18:37

you can use the Polyfix Cyanoacrylate Glue t fix it, my bottle has been also broken and I have fixed my bottle with this glue

Ali08 Sat 29-Oct-22 15:54:34

Here's what I found. I'm no good at adding links.

Menna Wed 02-Nov-22 20:46:22

Thanks for the advice. What I'm not easily finding is good glue that will dry gold where the crack is.

MawtheMerrier Thu 24-Nov-22 12:44:13

You mean Kintsugi
Easy enough to source on Amazon.

MawtheMerrier Thu 24-Nov-22 13:01:35

Now you know what you are looking for you might even find it closer to home, somewhere like Hobbycraft or even Tesco.