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Best crafts for shaky hands?

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mkhan95 Thu 24-Nov-22 02:11:21

Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a pinch. I love doing arts and crafts but recently my hands have become shaky. I'd still like to continue doing what I love so I turned to the crafts of this page (, and there's a lot of good options. For those in the same situation as me, what do you guys like to do?

Whiff Thu 24-Nov-22 04:42:14

I have hand tremors but found when I cross stitched my hands didn't shake. Also I use 14ct Aida and do counted cross stitch. I use a spring loaded hoop either 6" or 4". The holes are in the fabric only do whole stitches even if the chart calls for anything else. Use a needle threader and loop start. Why my hands don't shake when I do it I don't know may be because I am addicted to it or because you have to concentrate. But no matter my problems or if my pain levels are high I find it totally relaxing.