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Startingover61 Fri 02-Dec-22 15:08:00

Does anyone know where I might donate unwanted craft items, mainly knitting needles and wool? Thank you in advance.

TillyTrotter Fri 02-Dec-22 15:14:33

“Knit and Natter” groups are very popular - my local one is in the Church and I think a group like this would be very glad of your offerings.
They knit angels for the Church Christmas Tree, crochet Royal Mail Box toppers and things like that for the Community.

JessK Fri 02-Dec-22 15:42:08

Our local primary school always welcome this kind of donation so give your local school a try. Also charity shops will take craft items

Hetty58 Fri 02-Dec-22 15:52:28

Our local charity shop has a knitting section, very handy for various bits and bobs.

Davida1968 Fri 02-Dec-22 16:57:19

Our local library has a "knit & natter" group. They make things for charities and are always pleased to have donated wool - even small balls!

Whiff Fri 02-Dec-22 18:50:33

Any craft group. We put all the things we don't want into the middle of the table and help ourselves.