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ginny Wed 21-Dec-22 21:34:26

My 6 year old DGS is never without, paper, pens and scissors. Knowing how I love crafting he requested a crafting session.
This is what he several Christmas pictures which are spread around the house.

ginny Wed 21-Dec-22 21:35:14

A lovely day.

Theexwife Wed 21-Dec-22 21:37:41

A very talented little boy.

My grandson is 21 so we have different times now but the crafting age was the best, especially at this time of year.

Whiff Thu 22-Dec-22 05:28:57

Ginny what your grandson did is lovely. But you shouldn't post a photo of him. You never know who reads GN . Also did his parents give you permission to post a photo of him?

I have 5 grandson's and would never post a picture of them where anyone can see it.

I know you are a proud nannie but you can't be to careful.

I am playing the devils advocate here. So anyone who wants to have a go at me go ahead but you know I am right.

ginny Thu 22-Dec-22 13:22:41

Actually Whiff I agree with
you. The photo that I should have posted had been cropped so he wasn’t in it but I made a mistake. However I have checked with DD and she is fine with it this once.
To be honest it doesn’t look much like him really , he is much more handsome in real life.

ginny Thu 22-Dec-22 13:23:23

Again , Oh for a edit button.

Forsythia Thu 22-Dec-22 13:24:17

Maybe ask for that post to be deleted. To be on the safe side.

HeavenLeigh Thu 22-Dec-22 13:27:33

That is amazing❤️❤️

Ilovecheese Thu 22-Dec-22 14:19:01

What a lovely day for you both.

Whiff Thu 22-Dec-22 19:59:20

Ginny it's lovely crafting with your grandson I do it with my daughter's 2. The oldest told me my colouring in was getting better 😂. My play doh modeling is getting better.

teabagwoman Thu 22-Dec-22 20:37:23

Your gs has inherited your talents Ginny. I’ve never been much good at crafting but find that I enjoy it with my dgd. She has low expectations and is very encouraging!

Esmay Thu 22-Dec-22 21:20:47

Your grandson is exceptionally gifted artistically .

I'm sure that you encourage him .

But the others are right - no photos on Gransnet please -there are far too many dangerous to children people around .

God bless him .

Ava00 Sun 19-Feb-23 19:27:24

this is so cute smile