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Cleaning paint off outdoor playhouse

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Gigi27 Tue 03-Jan-23 12:28:23

Can anyone help please?
I want to surprise my grandchildren by cleaning their
Playhouse in their garden,while they are on holiday. Does anyone know how to tackle this? It’s felt tip pen and kiddies paint.
Thanking you in anticipation

Gigi27 Tue 03-Jan-23 12:29:58

Forgot to add the house is made of sturdy plastic.

aggie Tue 03-Jan-23 12:31:25

Is it plastic or wood ?
Plastic you can get suitable cleaning products
Wood needs painting

aggie Tue 03-Jan-23 12:32:33

I used Cif on our lots plastic playhouse , but I’m not sure about getting felt tip off though

Norah Tue 03-Jan-23 12:50:14

Boots rubbing alcohol - felt tips on plastic.