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knitting pattern from the fifties!

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travelnan Wed 18-Jan-23 12:03:54

Do any of you remember a pattern where you started at the back then increase for the sleeves and then divided for the two fronts, so in effect it was all knitted in one with dolman sleeves. I seem to remember the main body was in double moss stitch and it was a Patons pattern. I knitted it several times as it was an easy knit and comfortable to wear. Sadly no longer have the pattern.

Redhead56 Wed 18-Jan-23 12:24:22

I am looking for very easy patterns to teach my GC how to knit.
I have come across some very interesting sites to get free patterns for other projects.
Yarnspirations is one site they have a Patons Dazzling Dolman jumper. It might not be exactly what you want but it might be a help in the right direction.

Nannagarra Wed 18-Jan-23 13:07:07

Can I recommend Ravelry?

travelnan Tue 24-Jan-23 14:30:46

Thank you for your suggestions, have looked on both sites but with no success. Oh well will just have to look for another pattern,but thank you again.

Theexwife Tue 24-Jan-23 15:05:06

Out of interest, I put "1950s Knitting pattern Patons dolman sleeves" and then selected images.

There are too many to look through but maybe you would recognise it from there. Most are available in PDF form and some for sale on Etsy or Ebay.

travelnan Sun 29-Jan-23 10:45:20

Thank you ex wife for your tip. Pleased to say I did as you suggested and have found a very similar pattern to the one I was looking for. Again many thanks.