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To make a change from Big Fat Teds….

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Witzend Tue 24-Jan-23 10:57:33

….I’ve made a worry-eating dog. I do like him, but on the whole I think the teds turn out better for the purpose - the mouth pocket is more easily accessible.
I was pleased to find the ladybird buttons on the Wool Warehouse site - I was ordering safety eyes and a load more stuffing anyway.

Blossoming Tue 24-Jan-23 11:04:59

I love him Witzend

Georgesgran Tue 24-Jan-23 11:20:20

He’s adorable. X

Witzend Thu 26-Jan-23 11:09:34

Thank you both! I’ve posted him off now.

LadyGracie Thu 26-Jan-23 16:13:42

He’s gorgeous, I love him, and he’s so neat.
I wish I had the patience to knit small items.

AGAA4 Thu 26-Jan-23 16:15:18

What a lovely worry eating dog. I wishI had him.

Grannybags Thu 26-Jan-23 16:42:49

Another cutey! Love the buttons

LRavenscroft Thu 26-Jan-23 20:34:02

He is gorgeous. Does he have a name?

TillyTrotter Thu 26-Jan-23 20:40:03

What an accomplishment! He is adorable Witzend

Ilovecheese Thu 26-Jan-23 20:41:02

He is lovely

Lauren59 Thu 26-Jan-23 20:54:48

He is adorable! I love the colours you used for his jumper. I admire those who have the talent and patience to create things.

Witzend Thu 26-Jan-23 21:03:02

The pattern calls him Doodle the Dog, LRavenscroft, but to me that sounds a bit dopey. I think he looks a bit more like a Digger the Dog.

Callistemon21 Thu 26-Jan-23 21:45:34

Well done, he's lovely, Witzend.

I like Digger 🙂

Esmay Thu 26-Jan-23 22:44:50

Gorgeous Teddy 🧸 !
Well done !