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Knitting a police officer - oh dear me…

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Witzend Tue 31-Jan-23 10:01:56

A hand puppet, that is - for Knit for Nowt, they’re often short of family and ‘professionals’ sets to send out to children’s therapists.

Honestly, way much more of a fiddle than my worry-eating Teds or dogs.
However, I will press on - doctor, nurse, teacher and social worker still to go - plus a family set - at least they will use up some of my mass of small oddments!
But I’ll be very pleased to get back to a Big Fat Ted!

silverlining48 Tue 31-Jan-23 10:07:36

That will be so useful Witzend. I used similar in my work but bright coloured knitted ‘people’would be so much nicer for young children to explain what they may not be able to put into words. Well done.

busybeejay Tue 31-Jan-23 10:44:10

Do you have a pattern for teds and dogs you could share,please?Barbara

Witzend Tue 31-Jan-23 12:14:52

I would if I could, busybeejay, but the patterns are now only accessible if you’re a registered knitter for K for N. They used to be freely available - free to download and donated for free by the designers - but presumably they’ve found that people have been using them for commercial, or other non K for N purposes.

Galaxy Tue 31-Jan-23 12:25:06

What a great thing to do witzend, I work in a team that uses similar dolls. thanks

Namsnanny Tue 31-Jan-23 12:36:25

I'm sure they will be brilliant Witzend
Sounds like a good stash buster project.
Just dont do as I have just done, and get carried away at the sight of a sale. My spare room hasnt that much space leftgrin

Witzend Tue 31-Jan-23 12:48:39

Nor has mine, Namsnanny! Funny how stashbuster projects never seem to do much in the way of reducing the stash!

MawtheMerrier Tue 31-Jan-23 12:52:20

Keep at it Witzend - we need all the teachers, policemen social workers and nurses we can get!
PS - could you knit me a GP please- has to be quicker than getting an appointment!hmm

Witzend Wed 08-Feb-23 11:04:56

I had reasoned that making a couple of these sets of hand puppets would at least use up a lot of my oddments, but I’ve still had to buy or order more yarn (flesh colour) plus sundry other stuff - interfacing, little buttons for eyes, embroidery thread for the other features, felt for making a mini ‘book’ for the teacher (so that you know it’s the teacher and not the social worker 😂, who will wear a mini ID card, but at least I haven’t needed to buy anything extra for that!

midgey Wed 08-Feb-23 11:18:47

Witzend there’s a programme on BBC1……sort your life out with Stacy Solomon! Would this help😂😂😂

IrishDancing Wed 08-Feb-23 13:00:46

The social worker (male) will be wearing sandals, bare feet and a Fair Isle jumper. The SW (female) will be wearing sandals, bare feet and a long floaty dress, on and lots of piercings p

IrishDancing Wed 08-Feb-23 13:03:34

Sorry! The above was me musing on SWs of the past (DH was one!) and I meant to delete! grin

Witzend Thu 09-Feb-23 10:06:03


Witzend there’s a programme on BBC1……sort your life out with Stacy Solomon! Would this help😂😂😂

Not sure I need my life sorted out, let alone by Stacy Solomon! Thanks, but I’m quite happy with it.