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My Valentine Project.

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Namsnanny Tue 14-Feb-23 18:11:58

I thoroughly enjoyed making this.
The cupid bows and arrows I bought from HobbyCraft, and the wreath the hearts are attached to.

Ilovecheese Tue 14-Feb-23 18:19:35

That is lvelt

Ilovecheese Tue 14-Feb-23 18:19:50


Namsnanny Tue 14-Feb-23 18:27:00

Thank you Ilovecheese
The wool was very nice to work with, and I love the colour red, so all in all very enjoyable to make

Grannybags Tue 14-Feb-23 21:09:59

How nice! ❤️

Namsnanny Tue 14-Feb-23 21:24:21

Thanks Grannybags I was quite pleased with it too smile

dogancorie Wed 15-Feb-23 13:05:00


Chocolatelovinggran Wed 15-Feb-23 13:18:38

Namsnanny- that's lovely. Is it knitting or crochet? Is it for you, or do you have a grateful recipient in mind?

Namsnanny Wed 15-Feb-23 14:00:48

Chocolatelovinggran 👍
Thanks so much. Its knitted hearts in different sizes and different shades of red.
I d love to crochet, but I havent got the gist of it yet!

No, no one who has the same taste as me, so it's my secret pleasure (so to speak).
On the wall at the mo.

Dogancorie so glad you liked it😊

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 15-Feb-23 15:45:40

That is so pretty.

crazyH Wed 15-Feb-23 15:49:16

Who was the lucky recipient? ❤️

Gillycats Wed 15-Feb-23 15:55:04

Wow! They’re lovely!

Yammy Wed 15-Feb-23 16:01:33

I wish I had your talent and patience.

Namsnanny Wed 15-Feb-23 17:56:08

I'm glad you think so, Nice of you to post.

Me! grin grin grin

Thanks. I'ts cheering up a plain wall for now.

I'm not sure it's talent or patience Yammy. Especially if you saw the colour of the air around me after I've made a mistake grin
Perseverance, possibly.

I've just found that having an idea and seeing it through is a good way for me to ward off the miseries. smile

Witzend Wed 15-Feb-23 20:46:12

That’s gorgeous, namsnanny!

Namsnanny Wed 15-Feb-23 20:57:36

Glad you think so Witzend grin grin
I really needed something to boost the spirits, so got stuck into knitting. Which did help tbh.