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Has anyone got my mojo?

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keepcalmandcavachon Wed 15-Feb-23 16:06:27

After years of enjoying sewing and crafting I feel overwhelmed with it all now and cant seem to get going on anything! I am lucky to have lots of books, supplies and loads of fabric but feel anxious and guilty about not having any projects on the go, need to shake myself up a bit, anyone ever felt the same? Grateful for any advice!

Sparklefizz Wed 15-Feb-23 19:18:15

I am exactly the same! I love painting in watercolours and acrylics but when my art club closed down during the first lockdown, I thought I'd be using the time to paint a lot at home..... but somehow I lost my mojo, I lost all concentration and haven't been able to get back to it after all this time!

I have loads of other things on the go - reading, writing, research, etc - but normally I'd make time for art, and I just haven't, and don't really understand myself.

Ilovecheese Wed 15-Feb-23 19:31:56

Maybe have a watch of a few sewing Utube videos.

Jbp1 Wed 15-Feb-23 19:51:55

I find getting together with a friend to make something helps.
Made little needle felted sleepy mice today.
After watching YouTube tutorial .
We also have craft clubs in the village.

NotSpaghetti Wed 15-Feb-23 20:15:18

Jbpl they are really lovely! Thanks for sharing them!

Oreo Wed 15-Feb-23 20:23:46

OMG! Those mice!😍I want them.

keepcalmandcavachon Thu 16-Feb-23 08:03:23

Thanks all, LOVE the mice, I am going to find a you tube, set aside an evening and have a go. Can see them scrambling over my kitchen windowsill between pots of daffs! I do sometimes see crafty groups on the town noticeboard and they do look fun, probably having a regular crafty session is what I need. I will take the plunge, thanks again x

LRavenscroft Thu 16-Feb-23 08:06:42

I am feeling a bit like that at the moment as I have spent a winter crocheting blankets for charity. Perhaps photograph the projects you have done, get a lovely note book, put the photos in and write your feelings about them underneath. You will surprise yourself at what you have created and new ideas and inspiration may even arise.

keepcalmandcavachon Thu 16-Feb-23 09:03:14

Craft-Journal YES, brilliant idea . Could include seasonal inspirations too. LRavenscroft , I shall seek out a lovely handmade paper type note book at our local bookshop, maybe a pretty pen too. Crafting is such solace sometimes isn't it , gives the mind a bit of a rest and brings joy, I wish all of you a lovely Spring xxx

karmalady Thu 16-Feb-23 09:18:49

That happened to me with wood carving. I loved going to the monthly gatherings but covid caused the group to close and disband. I have dozens of tools, all nicely wrapped and the gouges are kept indoors because, just maybe, the mojo will come back either via me or through my dgs

I agree, maybe it is time for a change of craft op and the felting is a good idea. I may do some felting, I have three unopened boxed kits.

Knitting is such a good hobby to fall back on but that mojo easily disappears for me as soon as the weather gets warmer. I have pre-empted that by starting several wips and will easily be able to store them together with their patterns. I also made some gauge squares and can store those too, makes picking knitting up easy, once the mojo comes back

I am a sewist with a very large stash, a dedicated sewing room and several really good machines but my wardrobe is full and right now, my sewing mojo has gone. Perhaps it is the oncoming spring, the sunshine does beckon me to be outside, to be more active.

Chardy Thu 16-Feb-23 09:20:08

If you used to go to Art Class, Craft Group at the same time every week for a couple of hours, can you now put aside the same couple of hours every week at the same time and sit in front of your paints or yarn...?

keepcalmandcavachon Thu 16-Feb-23 10:52:00

I think you have one of the 'secrets' there Karmalady, having a little something prepped for when the mojo peeps out of the cupboard. I often think that I could do with a bit of stichery whilst Mr Keepcalm watches never-ending snooker of an evening, I shall make a couple of project packs up , its been to cold of late to use my sewing space upstairs -oh how I would love to crank the heating up, roll on warmer weather!

Witzend Thu 16-Feb-23 17:11:03

jbpl, those are so sweet!

busybeejay Thu 16-Feb-23 17:15:56

I am exactly the same.My mojo has gone.I blame having had Covid.

AreWeThereYet Thu 16-Feb-23 18:45:55

I've taken up making paper flowers again during the cold weather. I was trying to learn to crochet but my fingers are doing their own thing at the moment so I switched to paper, which is easier. Made my first wreath for the front door after Christmas and am in the middle of making my Spring wreath of tulips and daffodils. It's cheap, it's easy on the hands, doesn't need lots of supplies or equipment and easy to pick up and put down when you feel like it.

Jbp1 Thu 16-Feb-23 19:53:57

That’s lovely AreWeThereYet. Is it tissue paper?

Jbp1 Thu 16-Feb-23 19:57:23

I’m afraid this needle felting is addictive…..😀

AreWeThereYet Thu 16-Feb-23 20:14:24


That’s lovely AreWeThereYet. Is it tissue paper?

Thank you. It's actually toilet paper 😁😅 I did try with tissue paper but the flower petals weren't very firm. I copied it off a YouTube demo.

AreWeThereYet Thu 16-Feb-23 20:16:22

Is that a hare or a donkey ??? 😁 Either way he's very cute. He's got the saddest little eyes.

Jbp1 Thu 16-Feb-23 20:35:38

Ha! My version of a hare with oversized ears …. But could be a donkey too 😀
Hope your mojo returns soon x

nadateturbe Thu 16-Feb-23 21:03:59

I wouldn't give up yet. I do acrylic painting.
I thought my mojo wasn't coming back after covid shutdown. I thought I better try something else. But the group started up again, and I forced myself to go. I had to force myself to paint simple things, so that I had some sense of achievement, and now I'm getting enthusiastic again.
If you try and it doesn't come back, then if I were you I would look at suggestions here.
I also found I couldn't read the way I normally do, but I persevered with that too, and now I'm on my fifth book since Christmas, and enjoying it again. I'm really happy about that, because my mum stopped reading when she was about seventy and I felt really sad for her.

keepcalmandcavachon Fri 17-Feb-23 10:21:49

What a beautiful wreath , a lovely way to welcome friends in! Jbpl, you are creating your own little Farthing Wood there, a good suggestion to try something different nadateturbe, I think we all benefit from a new challenge to add a little sparkle to our days, happy crafting all x

AreWeThereYet Fri 17-Feb-23 13:27:20

I would say keep an eye on the crafting threads on here - a lot of people make beautiful things and something may catch your eye and make you want to have a go. Also, I look at lots of crafting videos on YouTube - clever people all over the world making things from yarn, plastic bottles, old CDs, papier mache, cardboard, you name it someone somewhere is making something stunning with it.