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So annoyed with myself.

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Secondwind Sun 19-Feb-23 17:55:20

Can any crafters advise me, please? I hope I’m panicking unnecessarily, but I’ve just spent some very messy time applying paper to a balloon to make a full-head mask for World Book Day and completely forgot to put the salt in the flour mix! I know that the salt is to help prevent mould and I now have visions of my grandchild inhaling spores when they are wearing it in about a fortnight. The other layers will most definitely have salt in. Does anyone know how long any mould might take to develop, please?
Thank you very much.

MrsKen33 Sun 19-Feb-23 18:36:13

We made loads of those at school and I can never remember using salt. Hope it turns out well, and what might your mask be?

Esmay Sun 19-Feb-23 21:33:13

I've made lots of masks using papier mache on balloons and never used salt .

If you varnish the mask - no mould could escape anyway .
Having written that I've only vanished the outside and not the inside !
So I'd apply -
more papier mache with salt to the inside and vanish the outside .
And stop worrying !

Secondwind Mon 20-Feb-23 12:36:05

Thank you, MrsKen33 and Esmay
for your ideas.
They are both characters I’ve never heard of, so can’t remember the names! One is a cat and the other is a bear. My daughter is going to put the fine detail on them - I’m just making the shell!