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Ideas for Plastic Plant pots

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Etheldreda Sun 19-Mar-23 13:50:24

I've seen quite a few ideas online for plastic plant pot decoration, but as ever I am overwhelmed.
So I am asking for advice here, please.

I have quite a bit of left over paint in the garage. What type works on these plant pots?

I like to see ideas but I also like recommendations from everyday folk about what is easy, effective - what works?

Any thoughts / ideas very welcome. smile

Janiepops Sun 19-Mar-23 18:23:11

Go on You tube Ethel, and type in painting plant pots , there should be loads of ideas 🤞😃

Dickens Sun 19-Mar-23 19:01:39

I have used acrylic paints.

And on clay pots - permanent ink markers!

MawtheMerrier Sun 19-Mar-23 19:14:31

Why would you want to do anything with plastic flower pots other than recycle them?
Terracotta or clay pots - yes, but this sounds only one rung up from creative ideas for wire coat hangers!

ixion Sun 19-Mar-23 19:16:27

How many do you have, Ethel?

Something like this perhaps?
I did love Bill and Ben flobadob, closely followed by The Woodentops😉

AskAlice Sun 19-Mar-23 19:19:50

Maw, but painting and re-using them is recycling them, isn't it? Some of my plastic pots are 30 plus years old! Even the sainted Monty Don re-uses his plastic stuff...

AskAlice Sun 19-Mar-23 19:20:59

As soon as anyone mentions wire coat hangers, I think of Blue Peter and the Advent candle holder!!! grin

ixion Sun 19-Mar-23 19:21:23

You can still drill through them, Maw, - to create whimsies for the grandchildren!

🎶We'll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
The world of my creation🎶

AskAlice Sun 19-Mar-23 19:22:08

Oh, sorry Maw, posted before I engaged my brain, I get what you mean now...

AskAlice Sun 19-Mar-23 19:48:01

One idea I have used with some success on larger plastic pots is to coat them with Polyfilla or similar and stipple the surface with your hands to give a rough finish. Then stipple on some dark brown or green acrylic paint before it completely dries (to look like moss/dirt) and seal with diluted PVA glue. Not the most hardwearing finish, but more enivonmentally friendly than spray varnish (although I do use that on metal garden ornaments that I repaint with acrylic paint - sometimes needs must!)

MawtheMerrier Mon 20-Mar-23 17:23:19

What are you going to do with them OP once painted up?

MerylStreep Mon 20-Mar-23 17:35:52

Here’s some ideas.

MerylStreep Mon 20-Mar-23 17:37:03

I can find some more if non of these suit 😂

FannyCornforth Mon 20-Mar-23 17:42:03

Cover them with scraps of high end wallpaper?

NotSpaghetti Mon 20-Mar-23 17:45:22

There are specialist paints for outdoor plastics if you want all one colour.
I have used it on my drainpipes in black but I understand it will even paint over upvc (and all sorts of other plastic).

I bought mine in an ordinary paint supplies shop.

FannyCornforth Mon 20-Mar-23 18:45:35

‘Everyday folk’?

Sorchame Mon 20-Mar-23 19:48:30


What are you going to do with them OP once painted up?

Possibly re-use them herself?

MawtheMerrier Mon 20-Mar-23 19:54:21

Don’t you normally put pots in a cache-pot/holder?
I wouldn’t want to see plastic pots sitting in a saucer

Sorchame Mon 20-Mar-23 20:02:11


Don’t you normally put pots in a cache-pot/holder?
I wouldn’t want to see plastic pots sitting in a saucer

Maybe MawtheMerrier for whatever reason cache-pot holders won't work for Etheldreda? Perhaps they're large outdoor pots, not small neat window ledge ones?

lixy Mon 20-Mar-23 20:07:33

They can be used as 'feet' to raise other pots off the ground - may need to put a couple inside each other for strength if pot is heavy.
You can scrunch them up in the base of big pots to reduce the amount of compost needed - if planting shallow-rooting, cascading plants in a tall pot.
Some garden centres have collection points for recycling - Dobbies does near here.