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Old embroidery set - help

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TwinLolly Sat 01-Apr-23 12:43:23

Hi Gransnetters

I inherited my Nana's sewing box and amongst other things there was an unfinished luncheon set inside.

My MIL is always doing needlework so I asked her if she would like to finish it. She is going to try.

There is one larger piece, 6 small and 6 medium pieces in the cloth. Are they napkins, mats for teacups and a centre piece or ... other suggestions would be welcome as to what they are.

The set needs to be eventually cut out from the main cloth. Where to cut and if to edge or not.

TwinLolly Sat 01-Apr-23 12:47:31

I don't think my photos were added in my post so here they are.

Any thoughts about my above post would help.


Germanshepherdsmum Sat 01-Apr-23 15:09:07

As you’d had no replies I googled. It looks like a centre piece, mats for plates and mats for glasses. I think your pieces would need hemming after being cut out.

MerylStreep Sat 01-Apr-23 15:16:37

This is one demonstration on YouTube.

There are a lot more.

ixion Sat 01-Apr-23 15:24:02

Generally, a close blanket stitch around the edges, then the excess is trimmed away with a very sharp pair of (nail) scissors - and much care!
This is how my grandmother taught me, anyway!
She used to embroider dressing table sets - one large oval , two small matching circular ones.

Those were the days

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 01-Apr-23 16:11:18

Yes I remember that ixion. Or satin stitch? Wasn’t it called cut work?

Whiff Sun 02-Apr-23 05:27:04

Once your have finished stitching each piece. Cut around leaving a border to turn under and then using fabric glue to stick it down . Then iron on medium weight interfacing. Because of the age of the fabric. Instead of using the napkins as designed use them as place mats.

Or if you are really good with a sewing machine after cutting out each piece do a double hem and sewing neatly round each piece either with same colour as the fabric or contrasting colour.

But before sewing hand wash it . I did that with some fabric of my mom's and because it was so old it ended up in holes. No point in sewing it only to find you have wasted your time doing it if it is to fragile.

TwinLolly Sun 02-Apr-23 11:53:51

Thank you very much for your responses. They have been very much appreciated. flowers

Caleo Sun 02-Apr-23 11:57:22

Maybe the large one is a traycloth and the smaller ones dinner or tea napkins according to the size.