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If my frog already has a jumper….

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Witzend Mon 03-Jul-23 12:18:52

…there’s no reason why he shouldn’t have gloves and socks too, is there? It must be chilly hanging out in a pond.

(A knitted frog, needless (I hope) to say - he’ll be a worry-eater for the charity that sends them out to children’s therapists.

His jumper is light green and yellow - I thought I might jazz him up a bit with red gloves and socks, esp. since I have red to use up. But also have blue, orange, and purple!
This is the pattern pic.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 03-Jul-23 12:25:56

What about striped bathing-trunks? He must need them, surely?

Witzend Mon 03-Jul-23 12:28:34

I’ve already done the jumper!
But great idea for another, which I’ll v likely make, since loads of green to use up, not to mention another pair of frog safety eyes.

Llamedos13 Mon 03-Jul-23 12:48:04

They must be the cutest frogs I’ll see today. ( I have an abundance of them swimming in the ditch outside my house and cute they are not 🐸)

Llamedos13 Mon 03-Jul-23 12:49:24

PS, yes to adding wee gloves and socks, please add a picture of your frogs when they are all done.

FannyCornforth Mon 03-Jul-23 13:27:19

Witzend I saw this earlier today and thought of you.
I do wish that I could knit (I have two left hands) 🐁

Witzend Mon 03-Jul-23 14:22:22

Ever since I started making him, I’ve got this song on the brain,
‘A frog he would a-wooing go,
Hey ho, says Rowley,
Whether his mother would let him or no,’

Can’t remember the rest, shall have to ask Mr Google.

Witzend Mon 03-Jul-23 14:25:56


Witzend I saw this earlier today and thought of you.
I do wish that I could knit (I have two left hands) 🐁

I’ve got that pattern - very tempted, but can’t think who to give them to - unless possibly the Gdcs’ school C-word fair raffle. But I’m already making something for that.

Callistemon21 Mon 03-Jul-23 14:38:40

‘A frog he would a-wooing go'

They need some tadpoles 😁

Witzend Mon 03-Jul-23 16:43:04

I found the 🐸 song on Google, but alas, poor old Froggy comes to a sad end. 😥

keepcalmandcavachon Mon 03-Jul-23 17:18:13

Do you suppose Frog might hanker after a cape? A mask maybe, then he could be the Super Frog. Then his superpower could be Woo-ing for sure!

Callistemon21 Mon 03-Jul-23 17:44:46

Ooh, good idea!

Superfrog! Flying to the next rescue!
Frog man- able to leap across chasms!

Witzend Tue 04-Jul-23 10:06:01

Not sure I could work out how to make a cape! I’m thinking of a scarf, though - I could manage that. It’ll have to be very firmly stitched on, though, like all add-ons for this destination.

Baggs Tue 04-Jul-23 10:39:53

Gloves and socks that come off will get lost, but perhaps you mean to knit them on?

Baggs Tue 04-Jul-23 10:40:28

Ah, my query answered in x post smile

Witzend Tue 04-Jul-23 16:25:38

Gloves and socks knitted in, Baggs - ditto the jumper.

Aldom Tue 04-Jul-23 19:14:40

My Jeremy Fisher frog has been sitting on the sofa for about 13 years, minding his own business. But when he saw the picture of your two frogs Witzend he got very excited and wanted to say 'Hello' to them. He's looking forward to seeing their new outfits.

Witzend Tue 04-Jul-23 19:25:12

What a handsome chap, Aldom!