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Sidelined Fri 18-Aug-23 12:08:46

How do you print a PDF sewing pattern? Has anyone used a print shop? If so did you email it or take the file on a memory stick? Lots of A4 sheets needing sticking together seems too much of a faff!

twinnytwin Sat 19-Aug-23 16:13:26

I love Karina from Lifting Pins and Needles too, karmalady. My Mum taught my twin and I to sew from about 4 years old - she made all our clothes. She used an old Singer that just did straight stitch of course - I've got it now although I've treated myself to a top of the range sewing machine (thanks Mum and Dad), a serger and a coverstitch machine. I've also transformed one of the bedrooms into my sewing room. I'm sat in there now using my PC. Bliss.

karmalady Sat 19-Aug-23 17:24:59

yes I have one, spent ages padding it to my actual size and made a cover for it. A few months ago I took the padding and cover off after I lost weight and they are stored in a cupboard. Hand on heart, I never used it for any kind of fitting. Now it stands in my sewing room as a convenient place to hang a work in progress. Tbh it is convenient, a good place to leave a dress to drop lower

I cut pippi out, having already altered the pattern, grading from smaller bust to larger waist and hips. Then I decided to do a burn test as I dont wear polyester. Fortunately over a sink of cold water. The flame shot up and the fabric curled back on itself before I could drop it and burning sticky black tar stuck tothe underside of one finger. I managed to eventually rub that off under water. Dashed to my first aid kit to get the reliburn, which should soon take the heat out of the skin

So no careful sewing on that rubbish fabric, just quick big stitches to see if my grading worked. That stuff burnt so fast, I think it may have been a blend of poly and acetate. It was lethal

Sidelined Sat 19-Aug-23 18:34:29

oooh, that sounded nasty! Hope your finger feels better soon. Inflammable nighties used to be a problem, didn't they, but nowadays I never give it a second thought. Mmmmmm....

eddiecat78 Sat 19-Aug-23 18:58:35

I've got a tailors dummy. I did spend a long time trying to get it to my shape but it was never quite right. It's useful for getting a rough idea of size but not for an accurate fit. "Vera" is hidden in a cupboard - far too depressing to have on public view!

karmalady Wed 23-Aug-23 11:14:34

sidelined yes inflammable nighties and open fires were a lethal mix. Finger is ok now, waiting for blister healing

I love sinclair patterns and they have a bogof sale, there is a link below this video. Karina is inspiring. I have the sofia pdf and will be making the top

PinkCosmos Wed 23-Aug-23 11:54:48

I have been collecting the patterns that come with Prima magazine with the intention of getting back into to sewing.

I realise that they are double sided so I would need to trace one side.

Ha anyone used them? Are they OK? They seem fairly basic, which sits me.

PinkCosmos Wed 23-Aug-23 11:56:04


Susie42 Wed 23-Aug-23 12:26:42

I've found that Prima patterns come up very big so check the measurements carefully. I like Style Arc as they always fit me without alteration.

karmalady Thu 24-Aug-23 15:51:49

I finished M and M ellsworth, it is lovely on and I have ordered some good white linen to make another. Not an easy sew by any means and the right fabric is crucial.

I have also just cut out my second fielder dress for my wardrobe that pattern needed the dart lowering on the pattern. The first toile didn`t fit, I persisted with pattern alteration by using some cheap flammable fabric from stash, very roughly sewn together. To make that fit perfectly I went up a size and lowered the dart on the pattern itself and that resulted in a lovely dress. I found some robert kaufman essex linen in my stash for the one I cut today, beautiful fabric and lasts wash after wash for years

Multiple uses of a particular pattern pleases me as patterns are very expensive.

I only ever abandoned one stylearc pattern, the kristen dress. It fitted me well at the shoulders but I could not be bothered altering the rest of it.

Sidelined Thu 24-Aug-23 18:54:53

, karmalady I’d like to be a fly on the wall so I could watch you adjusting and tweaking. It’s the best way to learn 😉

karmalady Fri 25-Aug-23 06:01:45

liftingpinsandneedles on youtube is like being a fly on the wall sidelined

Also beyondthepinkdoor has very good sewalongs. Watch her knicker-making one to start.

karmalady Fri 25-Aug-23 06:07:06

The bust point one is valuable, bust point on pattern needs to be held against your figure. As we age, bust point lowers and needs to be adjusted on pattern, cut out the rectangle on pattern, lower it and fill in the gap with paper and smooth the side lines. pattern darts cannot be one position to fit all from 18 to 80. Just take your time and use the tape that you can lift off. Another good reason to trace or use proper paper,not tissue

karmalady Sat 26-Aug-23 08:11:35

I have the pattern and have the fabric, so today I am going to cut out another logan shacket from stylearc. It is a very popular item and the one I already made fits perfectly. I need to use stash and have some robert kaufman mammoth plaid flannel, in bright and cheery reds

I bought the flannel to make a dress but I find flannel too sticky on my legs. It is perfect for a shacket and there will be enough left for a button-down shirt. The pattern did not need any prepping to fit me, sizing is perfect

AskAlice Sat 26-Aug-23 09:06:07

PinkCosmos I've used a few of the Prima patterns recently and, as Susie42 says, they do come out on the big side. I've also found a couple of mistakes on the patterns - for instance on one cross-over top, the waistband length didn't take into account the darts on the bodice so was too long, but it was easy to alter to fit.

karmalady Sat 26-Aug-23 11:28:39

I had a sub to simply sewing for a year. Each monthly issue has three free paper patterns, all good ones by known indie designers, albeit instructions are minimal. In 12 months I had 36 patterns and gave most to the cs as they were not to my style. However I am wearing a JL blouse from one, called aisling and she even provided a link for different cup sizes, so I downloaded the c cup and the blouse is lovely. So much so that I am planning to make a couple more

I have been to the shops and realised that I am wearing all hand made ie JL aisling blouse in a thinner printed linen that drapes, stylearc barbs pants in a bengaline, stylearc used to send small swatches of suitable fabrics Topped with stylearc logan shacket in robert kaufman shetland flannel speckle

None of these were difficult to make and all true to size

karmalady Sun 27-Aug-23 07:45:15

I had to come on here again. Some info for you that may well change how your clothes fit and feel on you. Rounded back and forward shoulders affect most of us and personally, I realised that this was my problem when a trapeze dress tried to strangle the front of my neck by pulling back.

This easy solution is definitely worth following, the easiest way I have ever seen. Personally I give my back 1/2" and my shoulder 1/4" and all my patterns now fit in that area. This is for sleeveless or for set in sleeves

eddiecat78 Mon 28-Aug-23 10:44:53

Sidelined - just to point out that pdf patterns often have smaller seam allowances than the may be used to - especially the ones for jersey. I always add extra as my sewing machine is happier with that, but it's especially important in areas where you may need to adjust for size (eg my middle!)

karmalady Mon 28-Aug-23 10:49:42

Unfortunately the seam allowances are often hard to find. I always write them down on the pattern envelope when I do find them

3/8 or 5/8 are mostly used. I do prefer 3/8 these days. I had a pattern once with a ridiculous 2/8.

karmalady Mon 28-Aug-23 10:53:39

and some patterns have different seam allowances written on their instructions eg 5/8 (1.5cm) on the sideseams and 3/8 (1cm) on collar seams.

childlearning Mon 28-Aug-23 11:14:17

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Foxygloves Mon 28-Aug-23 11:23:56

Oh get a life, spammer! You are fooling nobody.

karmalady Wed 30-Aug-23 09:20:01

wd foxygloves smile

Just saying, I am wearing a flannel plaid ashton top with short sleeves. big red/blue/white squares and only made it because I had a bit of flannel left over. I wasn`t sure about fabric and the ashton pattern combo but it is fab, hangs so well on me. Looks amazing.

So ashton by helens closet is again endorsed by me, with the sleeve addition. I have enough room under for ITS hepburn, which is negative ease. I am thinking maybe 2/3 of a metre for the sleeveless version, which can be used a bodywarmer too. Multi use of one pattern and it is a good one to do on A4, not many pieces and nothing too big plus cup sizes

Anyone dithering about stylearc. I am making logan shacket and all the instructions are on the sheet. No skim reading though. It is such an easy sew. I recommend it. I have gone down a size as it is roomy

eddiecat78 Wed 30-Aug-23 09:50:17

I bought 2 patterns in the Sinclair bogof sale - Jemma and Iris. I live near to Higgs and Higgs and intend to go next week as I've several projects planned for the autumn/winter

Sidelined Wed 30-Aug-23 10:02:56

I’m loitering here picking up tips and encouragement so fell free to drop in and add to the thread. Experience and advice is always a valuable commodity ❤️

karmalady Thu 31-Aug-23 06:53:18

Eddiecat, I have jemma but not iris. My fav sinclair pattern was bondi t, I loved it and made about six more. The best fabric for them was see you at six and that was me hooked on sinclair

Now I am in harlene dungaree mode. I did the wearable toile, in a slightly stretch denim, in a 10 for dd and took it to her yesterday. It is fab, utterly lovely. I want another pair for myself and will also be making her another one. Spending money on fabrics is so endorphic, puts me on a real high. I have ordered a good denim for hers and a bedford cord for me, or I may swap them around. I ordered 2.5m of each as you have to allow for shrinkage when pre-washing. Cost me about £50 per pair which includes the metalwork. Value after making, easily £150 each as the quality is amazing

Thank goodness for sewing. It is pouring down and I need a positive something in my day