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Alternative to split pin that allow twist movement?

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luckiestar86 Sun 24-Sep-23 09:56:10

Hi there,

Bit of an odd question, but I am looking for something that I can use on two pieces of cardboard to allow the top one to rotate (think of the card pull string toys where the arms and feet move up and down as you pull a string).

However, I would need the top movement to be fair stable so the top piece of card stays in place when moved.

I was thinking of using a split pin, but wondered if there are an alternatives?

Any suggestions would be great!

Hopefully my explanation makes sense!


Hetty58 Sun 24-Sep-23 10:08:51

Maybe you could explain what you intend to make - in more detail? I can only think of a piece of cord/rope, knotted on both sides.

JackyB Sun 24-Sep-23 10:24:41

A button on each side with thread through each but all through one single hole in the cardboard?

A press stud (the kind you apply with a hammer or special pliers)

A rivet (not sure if you can get these, but the ones used for jeans would be ideal?)

Ali08 Sat 07-Oct-23 02:09:18

Hmmmm. I was really hoping you had an answer to this! Lol