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Joseann Tue 31-Oct-23 16:56:29

Can anyone please recommend a calligraphy set for a beginner (child age 10 ) as a Christmas present?
And would this help DGD to improve her presentation by slowing down her letter shaping?
Or would it just confuse ?
PS. avoiding bottles of ink if possible!

Theexwife Tue 31-Oct-23 17:33:17

I bought one for my nephew, it is so difficult and slow going that he didn’t have the patience for it. Cursive handwriting books, Amazon, might be a better option if it is to improve handwriting, they are sold by age.

annodomini Tue 31-Oct-23 18:15:33

There are many felt-tip and fibre-tip pens available for calligraphy practice. They will come as a set with oblique 'nibs' of different widths. You can probably find a bewildering choice of such pens on Amazon.

Ali08 Wed 01-Nov-23 04:43:29

I bought my DGD a Waterman -ink cartridge- pen from eBay for about £10 as I have one that I was given when I was a child (that one takes cartridge or ink).
She tells me it has definitely helped her write much more neatly.
You don't need to go the whole hog of a calligraphy set, unless she's actually interested in such.
Anyway, look on eBay!

Chardy Wed 01-Nov-23 08:49:20

There used to be plenty of free teachers' resources for practising on the internet when I retired a few years ago.

Joseann Wed 01-Nov-23 09:02:30

Thank you. Great suggestions. I did think a calligraphy set might be too fiddly Theexwife and require a lot of input from me. I'm trying to keep away from any instructing teaching (because I nearly ruined my DD's life doing that!) DGD can write nicely, it's the slowing down and taking care tactic that I thought calligraphy might instill. It always looks so decorative, yet controlled.
I guess I'm also battling against kids using the keyboard so much these days and I don't want the present to be a flop. Back to the drawing board!