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Getting canvas-work aka tapestry stretched

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Romola Tue 28-Nov-23 20:39:58

A friend who has done two beautiful cushion covers has asked me about this. She wants to have them stretched straight. As you know, the stitching pulls the canvas into a parallelogram.
Does anyone know where she might send it away to be straightened?

Whiff Tue 28-Nov-23 21:24:15

If your friend had used specialist tapestry canvas it shouldn't have distorted. As that type of canvas is very stiff . Is she going to make them into cushion covers if so is she going to see a pre zipped cushion back. Framers have specialist equipment they use to pull linen and Aida fabric back straight before framing. Perhaps they could straighten it for her.

SueDonim Tue 28-Nov-23 21:39:18

Ask at craft shops who sell tapestry items, they may know someone. You can do it yourself - there will be info online but I’ve never managed to get it as good as the professionals do.