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Great British Sewing Bee - Christmas 2023

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PiscesLady Sat 09-Dec-23 14:12:10

According to the attached, this is due to be broadcast on Thursday 21st December at 9pm.

You will need to read down a bit to get the recent update - no Sarah Pascoe this time which I think will please some of you lovely ladies!

AreWeThereYet Sat 09-Dec-23 14:28:59

I love watching the Sewing Bee but never bother with the celebrity ones any more. I wish they would do the same as the first series and bring back some of the contestants for the Christmas one. At least they would have sewing skills and could be set some extraordinary tasks - may be as team - a huge Christmas decoration or Santa Claus that could be donated somewhere maybe?

YorkLady Sat 09-Dec-23 14:42:33

Looking forward to this. Think Kiell will be a good presenter.

PiscesLady Sat 09-Dec-23 15:54:54

YorkLady It helps that Kiell was a previous contestant, so I do hope he will be good.
AreWeThereYet I agree it would be better with previous contestants, perhaps the winners from each series?

M0nica Sun 10-Dec-23 14:09:41

Is there is nothing that cannot be destroyed by having a 'celebrity' version?

I presume they are so popular because they increase viewing figures, although I cannot imagine why.

If they must have Christmas specials, why not have army v navy, doctors v nurses, lecturers v students. there are plenty of groups like that, that would ideally adapt to this type of format.

Fairislecable Sun 10-Dec-23 15:08:13

I agree with you M0nica if the words celebrity special are mentioned I never watch as it is (usually) a very dumbed down version.

I also really like the occupations suggested that would make it very interesting.

shysal Sun 10-Dec-23 16:17:36

I have just been watching a re-run of an old series with Claudia Winkleman. I really liked the caring way she hosted it. I didn't like Joe or Sarah on the programme.

Callistemon21 Sun 10-Dec-23 16:52:01

Kiell is perhaps best known for his role in the BBC sitcom TV series 'Ghosts' and has also appeared in a range of other TV comedies.

That's where I've seen him! ๐Ÿ™‚

Was he a contestant?

M0nica Sun 10-Dec-23 16:59:40

This the problem shysal I loathed Claudia Winkleman, I thought she was patronising and dismissive. I like Jo and didn't like Sara Pascoe.

we all see them differently and have different opinions.

Millie22 Sun 10-Dec-23 17:38:11

Oh I didn't know we had a date yet for the Christmas special or I would have posted it.

Don't know the new presenter at all.

I have also just re-watched the series from 2016 I think it was. I couldn't remember if Charlotte or Jade won.

AskAlice Sun 10-Dec-23 17:45:07

I love Sewing Bee! Not so keen on the celebrity ones, so I think I will just watch it to swoon over Kiell...grin