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Latch Hook projects. Anyone tried this?

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Grandyma Sat 30-Dec-23 20:35:44

I’m looking for a new pass time to help me through the winter months. I’ve been cross stitching for years but am looking for something different. Looking at Latch hook kits but not sure where to begin. Is it very difficult to understand the symbols in the chart? What type of project would you recommend for a beginner?

Gwyllt Sat 30-Dec-23 21:08:10

Have made rugs in the past
Suggest you try something small to begin with with simple pattern A geometric pattern is usually quite simple
Cushion kits are cheap and chearfful and don’t take too long to complete

MerylStreep Sat 30-Dec-23 21:17:10

There are lots of videos on YouTube. Here’s just one.

Purplepixie Sun 31-Dec-23 08:44:02

Please let us know how you get on. I am also looking for a new project to try. I knit (a lot), crochet, watercolour painting, quilting, embroidery and some sewing.

Grandyma Sun 31-Dec-23 09:28:09

Purplepixie I will do 👍

Whethertomorrow Sun 31-Dec-23 14:46:37

I’ve done loads and they are so easy!

There are no difficult symbols to follow in the charts, I don’t understand what you mean by that.

A kit comprises a canvas that is a grid of open squares that are quite rigid. The pattern is printed on in the various colours used, all you have to do is insert your latch hook and pull through and knot the yarn. This pull through and knot the yarn is a very simple action and is the only technique you need.

It is very simple and repetitive and quite soothing to do.

I heartily recommend you but a cushion kit to start with, I buy mine from eBay for around £15/20 each.

Good luck and enjoy. If you want to ask me anything else you are more than welcome to DM me.

Grandyma Sun 31-Dec-23 15:56:00

Thank you Whethertomorrow. I’ve ordered a cushion to get me started. I was thinking it might be similar to cross stitch where you have to follow a chart of symbols. I’m looking forward to receiving it and getting started. I will definitely take you up on your offer of advice if I get stuck.

seadragon Sun 31-Dec-23 19:43:44

My grandson sent me a latch hook kit for Christmas a few years ago. I sent him the finished 'rug' made into a cushion with a cat's face on it which he kept in his room. I found it a very satisfying easy craft...

Baggs Sun 31-Dec-23 19:47:20

I made the two rugs in our sitting-room over 40 years ago. One is circular with a diameter of about four feet and the other is a rectangle nine feet by seven.

Mollygo Sun 31-Dec-23 20:42:11

My Grandma taught me to do that years ago and I did rugs and cushions, but really I want to say thanks for the reminder. I’d forgotten all about doing that. Something to look forward to.

Auntieflo Mon 01-Jan-24 09:36:37

I would quite like to make a cushion, but haven't seen any patterns that appeal, yet.
This is the one mum and dad made, back in the 50's.
I remember them sitting opposite each other, with the canvas on their knees, each working on an end and meeting in the middle.
I think I may have one of their old hooks somewhere!
Some years ago I did wash it, in the bath, then had an awful struggle to lift it out and bring it downstairs.
It is a lovely reminder of them working together.

Grandyma Mon 01-Jan-24 12:20:21

How lovely Auntie Flo!! I agree with you about lack of decent designs. I’ve chosen a Christmas themed one. If I enjoy doing it, I can put it away for next Christmas.

Franbern Fri 23-Feb-24 08:21:13

I discovered this by chance. One of the ladies in one of my knit and natter groups found a cushion one in a charity shop for a fiver. It looked lovely when finished and pretty relaxing to do. So, I have treated myself to one from Amazon, and (once having sorted out how to do it with help of u-tube), am finding it really enjoyable and almost addictive.

Greyduster Fri 23-Feb-24 08:36:31

I made a bedside rug from a kit years ago with a tiger design on it. DD took it to uni and it never came back - I think she gave it away! These days, I make traditional “rag” rugs using hessian backing, but the weight of a large one, which I’m currently less than half way through, is very hard on my hands these days so I only pick it up occasionally. It has crossed my mind to look at kits again.

ixion Fri 23-Feb-24 09:26:38

They were 'Readicut' kits in those days, weren't they? My father made some.
Only drawback is that they can get very heavy on one's lap.Fine in winter, but potentially hot and sweaty in summer!