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What WIP's Do you have ?

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paris123 Wed 07-Feb-24 19:14:46

Someone mentioned they had wip's. As lv been sorting out my wool stash found a box full sad
from crochet draught excluder to crochet blankets. At this rate, I'm not going to live long enough to finish these sad

Ilovecheese Wed 07-Feb-24 19:25:46

I try to have at least two projects on the go. One or more machine based and one or more hand work based. Then I can carry on with either as the mood takes me.

CanadianGran Wed 07-Feb-24 19:26:14

I'm currently working on a baby blanket for new grandchild arriving in March. I hope to have it done this weekend.

I have a few UFO's (unfinished objects). A shawl with shortrows with very fine yarn, and most of one mitten in a fairisle pattern. I got a bit stuck on the thumb with the two colours, and set it aside more than 5 years ago. If I ever pick it up again they will be nice mittens!

keepcalmandcavachon Wed 07-Feb-24 22:29:15

Spring applique mug rug, English paper pieced cushion and matching notebook coverconfused and trying to persuade my nearly 13year old 'puppy' not to snaffle away little bits of fabric that get dropped but are actually really necessary!

Witzend Thu 08-Feb-24 13:47:58

A big blanket I haven’t touched for ages, and a worry-eating dinosaur - I knitted his mouth lining/pocket a few weeks ago but had to wait for interlining, so started something else. Will get on with his stripy green body next Weds - away or busy until then.

twinnytwin Thu 08-Feb-24 14:06:41

I sew all my clothes so usually have a garment on the go (just finished denim skirt and fleece top). I have enough fabric in my stash to last forever, but buying new fabric is another of my hobbies! I have a complicated cross stitch which I sew watching the tv each evening and a half finished knitted meerkat from a book from a charity shop. It's more complicated than I thought. I'm desperate to get back into watercolour paining but spare time is short. I love to be creative.

Ali08 Thu 08-Feb-24 15:38:16

Oh dear, you had to ask this question?
Well, mine start with cross-stitch, and I definitely have one I started for my DD about 5 or 6 years ago and recently found in my stash. There's not much to do on it, maybe I ran out of thread, but I'm having a mojo problem with XS. My mojo has gone on holiday and left me behind!
Crochet....bah, I am not going there!!

SeaWoozle Tue 20-Feb-24 18:52:21

I started these in lockdown and had most of them done. Just finished the last panel last week in readiness to make a blanket out of them. My amazing Mum said she'd help me (she is an incredible sewer and knitter) and I plan to sell/auction it in aid of Young Minds. The Black and White panel in the middle is to show that Mental Health isn't just black and white.

Primrose53 Tue 20-Feb-24 19:25:42

I have almost finished one of a pair of socks.
Have done about a foot of a throw in mosaic crochet.

Since I lost my Mum at end of 2020 my heart just isn’t in it any more, I have to force myself.

MiniMoon Tue 20-Feb-24 20:06:30

DD wants me to crochet a large blanket.
I have no work on the go at the moment so I'd be happy to do it. She sent me a link to a pattern so this afternoon I made a swatch from some spare yarn I have. It will be lovely done in rainbow colours.

SeaWoozle Tue 20-Feb-24 21:07:57


I have almost finished one of a pair of socks.
Have done about a foot of a throw in mosaic crochet.

Since I lost my Mum at end of 2020 my heart just isn’t in it any more, I have to force myself.

So sorry to hear Primrose. Keep at it, a day at a time. These things take time. Sending love and hugs X

Calipso Tue 20-Feb-24 21:29:22

The most poignant is a 2 ply pure wool baby shawl knitted to the same pattern that Mum had for me as a baby in the 1950s. I started it for my daughter and its about three quarters complete. I wrapped it carefully and put it to one side when she learned that there would never be a baby 😢
One day I will finish it, but not just yet.

Primrose53 Tue 20-Feb-24 21:30:19

Thanks SeaWoozle thing is we both knitted and crocheted and swapped patterns, ideas, yarns, techniques etc. Even when dementia robbed her of the ability to follow a pattern we did stuff that she could manage with my help. Gradually she was able to do less and less but still showed interest in projects I was doing.

She was swaddled in her favourite crochet blanket in her coffin when she passed away. I made it for her and it was in her favourite shades of pink, lavender, lilac, violet etc. everyone who saw it admired it and she totally loved it.