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Finally picked up old project

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CanadianGran Wed 28-Feb-24 18:43:55

After picking up knitting again late fall, I completed a simple baby blanket for a new grandchild arriving mid-march.

It made me realize how much I like it, and feel a sense of accomplishment. It also clears your mind of other ramblings.

Anyway, I pick up an old project of a colourwork mitten, but it took me ages to work out where I had left off, and find the right line on the chart to figure it all out again! It took me over an hour to do one round! Hopefully I will get a bit better... but figuring out how to hold the yarn again has got me flustered.

I did remember that I held one strand in right hand, and the other in left, continental style, but that hand is proving very difficult to get right. I'll have to look at some videos on-line to sort out the left hand yarn to get the tension right.

Any other colourwork/fairisle knitters here? How do you hold the yarn?

Blossoming Wed 28-Feb-24 22:01:38

I haven’t done any Fair Isle or Icelandic patterns for many years, as I lost the use of one hand. I used to use yarn holders to prevent my threads from tangling but I can’t remember exactly how.

Curtaintwitcher Thu 29-Feb-24 06:56:42

I have done a bit of fair isle. I do cross stitch so following a chart is easy, but keeping the different colours tidy is difficult. Plus, when it's finished, it's quite bulky where the yarn has to be carried across.

CanadianGran Fri 01-Mar-24 17:23:49

I got into the flow of Two strand knitting last night, and it felt nice. A sense of accomplishment. I ended up enlarging the chart with a photocopier. Which helped. So far it’s going all right.