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Rowan felted tweed patterns

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Pixieboots Sun 10-Mar-24 12:50:05

Hi, has anyone knitted the Adelphi jumper in the Rowan magazine number 68 ? I’ve got 10 balls of the felted tweed yarn but decided I don’t really like the pattern I was going to knit. I’m looking for a basic jumper pattern. TIA.

TinSoldier Sun 10-Mar-24 15:44:59

I looked up the pattern on Ravelry. It's a plain V neck with dropped sleeves. Is it the sleeves that you don't like?

Plenty of free sweater patterns on Ravelry and Drops.

Pixieboots Sun 10-Mar-24 16:07:06

This is the pattern that I like. It was another pattern that Ive changed my mind about.

DamaskRose Sun 10-Mar-24 18:05:50

Felix, Whitmore, Aldous - just picked from Ravelry queue but there are just so many on the general pages - good luck!

Pixieboots Sun 10-Mar-24 21:26:58

Many thanks DamaskRose, I’ll have another look on ravelry.

Pixieboots Tue 12-Mar-24 06:19:50

Thanks for the ravely info. Ive found a few patterns I prefer to my original one.